CTTC T-Shirt Challenge

Eli Post


The Club ran a virtual century during June. It was the Climb to the Clouds routes, one of the more challenging set of routes in the Club’s library. For the first two weeks in June we also ran a T-shirt challenge offering custom, commemorative T-shirts for the first 25 riders to complete the 100 mile route. The event was based on a Ride With GPS (RWGPS) feature which allowed members to register  for the event, and it would then automatically record the ride on a leaderboard. It looked like an easy event to administer with the first 25 winners neatly recorded in one place. Not so!

Unbeknownst to us, the RWGPS feature required you to do the designated route exactly or else it would not record on the leaderboard. Some of our members skipped a short loop in Harvard Center, and many, as they always did, rode from home. Alas these folks were not recorded, and it took endless email exchanges to straighten this all out. This is not a complaint. It was a delight dealing with a group of dedicated riders.

We decided not to rest on a technicality, and awarded shirts to all who had essentially completed the route. We ended up with 33 winners. These are the winners who all completed one of the more challenging routes the club offers: Alex Nelson, André Marty, Beatriz Prado, Beth Rosenzweig, Chip Krakoff, Craig Perini, Dan Ginsburg, Don Lee, Doug Cornelius, Elliott Kozin, Erik Sobel, Guillermo Munoz, Hunter Wood, Jim Pearl, Joel Malaver, John Meyer, Larry Kernan, Marc Baskin, Marco  Munoz, Mark Nardone, Martin Hayes, Mike Blackwell, Nicholas Schmid, Paulo Lopes, Richard Brown, Robert Crane, Robyn Betts, Siddhant Benadikar, Stephen Ryan, Steve Carlson, Steven Delaney, Wing Chow

The shirts were shipped to the winners in early July, and as one recipient said " Wow!! Super nice tee shirt.". We feel this program was a success and hope to offer similar challenges in the future.





Eli, thank you for running this event for CRW! I feel like I owe my wardrobe to CRW, but not feeling too guilty as your challenge had me once again working my tail off to get through this 7k ft climb over 100 beautiful miles. Shirt looks great and I will wear it proudly!