CRW's 20th Anniversary Ride

Eli Post

Background. Most of the articles in WheelPeople come about when we report on club events, technology advances or other news that might impact your riding. Sometimes however it is sheer serendipity that leads the way. This was the case when I was searching the CRW photo library looking for a photo to dress up an article. By accident, I came upon a group photo of a 35 year old event, and recognized some of the riders. I contacted them and in turn received numerous comments and additional photos of an event that was remembered with fondness and significance.It is noteworthy that three of the riders subsequently served as president of the club.

The BeginningIn 1966 a group of riders started out from Ralph Galen's office and biked to Ashland State Forest.  Along the way they elected oficers for  Charles River Wheelmen, and so that is considered the founding. 

CRW's 20th Anniversary Ride was held on June 29,1986. The photo below was taken at Ashland State Park, and the ride started in Cambridge at the office of Ralph Galen, one of the founders of the club.There was a $5.00 charge for the party. Jerry Campbell organized the food and 150 cyclists attended. The route was the original route held by the club, when it had a handful of members, eight to be exact, compared to about 400 at the time of the event and over 2,000 today. Several of our current members were on that ride and shared their recollections. After 35 years we expected that some of these recollections to be fuzzy, but some sounded as if the event happened yesterday. There was a good fest at the park, and included “lots of chicken”, salad, home baked pies, and beverages. The photo was taken with a panorama camera that scanned across the group, and there are two riders who ran around the back and appear twice.

Identifying. We identified the riders that we could, and do not mean to exclude the others.We did identify over 65% of the riders, which is impressive after all these years. In fact, the members I dealt with pursued identification with a vengeance that would have made the FBI proud.There were intense but friendly debates about who was who, and in some cases they reverted to Google or Facebook searches. I remember a debate about one rider and it was determined not to ID him because he was remembered as a "scoundrel".

A Memory. Mike Hanauer became club president in the fall of 1986. Mike remains a member, and at the time said in an October 1986 Wheelpeople article “CRW has given me a love of bike touring and a resource of wonderful people to share it with. It has introduced me to the best friends I have ever had.” This is a perfect way to sum up this wonderful memory. 

Riders. 1- Bill Aldrich, 2- John Allen, 3- Jessica Douglas Mink, 4- Aliza Artz, 5- Meredith Porter, 6- Mark Roseman, 7- Richard Klein, 9- Jamie King, 10- Millie Sheehan, 11- Robye Lahlum, 12- Melinda Lyon, 13- Sam Johnson, 14-Guy Minnick, 15- Linda Minnick, 16- Birdy Elsmore, 17- Debra Glassman, 18- Earl Forman, 19- Patty Kirkpatrick, 20- Anne-Marie Starck, 21- Sue Genser, 22- Tim Oey, 23- Dick Norcross,  24- George Caplan, 25- Jeanne Kangas, 26- John Kane, 27- Bob Anderson, 28- Jim Merrick, 29- Nancy Peacock, 30- Richard McVity, 31- Carol Tesiero, 32- Jerry Campbell, 33- John Vanderpoel, 34- Ralph Galen, 35- Don Blake, 36- Rosalie Blum, 37- Dave Brahmer, 38- Mike Hanauer, 39- Ed Trumbull, 40- Chad Joshi, 41- Walter McNeill, 42- John Springfield, 43- Joan Klappert, 44- Susan Zorb, 45-Dave Garrant, 46- Peter Mason, 47- Joe Repole, 48- Jerri Waloga, 49- Jim McGarry, 50- Tom Domenico, 51- Judy Domenico, 52- Doug Kline, 53- Maggie Phillips, 54- Dena Ressler
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If you would like a copy of the 20th Anniversary group photo as a memento, click HERE

John Springfield, Ken Hablow, Rosalie Blum, Jamie King, Jack Donohue, and Mike Hanauer supplied the ID's, anecdotes and images. Jack Donohue also handled the technical aspects.