CRW Winter Challenge 2022

Harold Hatch



Looking for some motivation to keep riding through the winter?  Want a chance to earn some swag while you're at it?  Join a winter challenge!  We are offering a number of formats this year, focusing on both outdoor and indoor rides. While you are welcome to “mix and match” activities through the season, to earn the reward you will need to fully complete the goals of at least one challenge.  Each format has slightly different rules. Those completing the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win either a pair of wireless earbuds (indoor challenges) or a packable rear fender (outdoor challenge).  For those ambitious riders, feel free to complete several (or all!) challenges, for additional chances to win(one prize per person)!  The challenge begins January 1st and runs through March 31st.  


Go here to log activities You must be a logged in member to use it.  It will fill in your contact information.  


Details on how to participate in each challenge and point of contact for any questions are below.  For those not on Slack, please feel free to email any questions to haroldhatch [at] (Harold)


Outdoor rides:

(Harold Hatch, haroldhatch [at]  This one is the most simple.  Just sign up for any CRW ride offered on the ride calendar during the time period. Road, gravel, MTB, Fat bike are all eligible.  We will continue to post regular group rides, with some special events as well.  Want to ride a century each month through the coldest, darkest, months?  Sign up for Phillip Stern’s Winter challenge and earn some true winter cycling bragging rights! The Women’s program will host themed rides in February and March, as well as the weekly Friday ride, the Praline Croissant.  A minimum of 3 rides are needed to complete the challenge







(Martin Hayes, contact via Slack)  Smart trainers that connect to Zwift providing resistance feedback have made riding indoors more engaging than ever before.  Join your friends online, chat on Discord, and stay fit during the shorter days of winter with group rides, sprint competitions, or rubber band workouts where no one gets dropped. We’ll keep a healthy offering of CRW rides on the calendar as well as recommend public rides and workouts to join. Join the CRW club on Zwift (optional) and accumulate 25 hours of activity to complete the challenge.








(mary.kernan [at] (Mary Kernan))  If you're a Peloton user, there are some great ways for you to participate in this challenge and connect with others from CRW. To begin, add #CRW to your Peloton profile and use Slack #ride-indoors to share your Peloton screen name so that others can follow you. Are you going to be doing a live class? Post to Slack and encourage others to join you. Looking for some structure? Try one of the Peloton Challenges (we suggest 'Build Your Power Zones') and let friends know what you're doing. You can also check out and use their free membership for some great options. Log 25 rides to complete this challenge.  Note: warm up and cool down rides are not eligible.









“Unplugged” trainer with videos:

(Amy Juodawlkis, contact via Slack):  No Zwift of Peloton membership? No smart trainer? No problem! Get on your “dumb” trainer and meet up with one or more CRW members via Discord on your phone, tablet, or computer (easrphones with integrated microphone provide the best sound for everyone). Screen share workout videos, movies, scenic ride videos, or just chat (add background music using the Hydra Bot). Once you set up your Discord account, join the CRW Devo server ( We will post some organized meet-ups in the CRW calendar, but feel free to find people to ride with via CRW Slack.  When it’s time to ride, join the Unplugged Rides voice channel and get pedaling!  20 activities will complete this challenge











Prizes will be awarded by raffle for those who qualify.  Raffles will be held live in mid-February, mid-March, and at the end of the challenge.  You will be entered into each drawing you qualify for until you win a prize, then your name will be removed from further drawings

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Can’t get to the link to log, even though I’m logged in. Will it only go live Jan 1?
Phillip Stern's picture

@Harold - There are 2 L's in Phillip

Sorry about that! I'm not able to edit the webpage, but will get it right next time....

So the rides need to be CRW organized rides to count? Can't just do solo rides as well? Sorry if this is obvious but I'm unclear.

Hi Brian, Yes these need to be CRW organized rides. Hoping to get more on the ride calendar soon.
timothy_muehleisen's picture

WooHoo, love these challenges! Last year earned a cool tee shirt for the Winter Challenge then a pair of DEVO socks, which are awesome by the way! I still crawl up hills but the socks make me look very fast.

So glad to hear you're enjoying these challenges Tim!
timothy_muehleisen's picture

And the lucky winners are? I have not seen any correspondence regarding winter challenge winners. Congrats to those that have won and kudos to all that have participated. We are all winners in my book! Tim M
timothy_muehleisen's picture

Hmmm. Did I say something wrong? Just kidding, but shortly after my post above, I have been unable to log any of my rides. I am taken to a page that says that I must be logged in as a member to view this page. I am logged in and my membership is not set to lapse until SEP 2022. I have access to all of the other CRW web resources. I just can't log any rides, indoor or out?
timothy_muehleisen's picture

Thanks Jack! All is good.