CRW Winter 2021/2022 Ride Program is here!

André Wolff

While you were out enjoying the beautiful colors of the New England Fall, a group of CRW members came up with an exciting Winter Program to get you on the bike (indoor and outdoor) through the cooler and wintery months of the year.


We placed a call for ideas for the winter ride program, and did we get it! We’ve had such an enthusiastic feedback that the program had to be broken down into three distinct streams:

  • In Real Life (IRL) stream: Including both road and off-road riding activities for those brave enough to face lower temps (think about those bluebird days!). Sample activities? Here you go:
    • January 1st ride
    • First Snow Grave’/Fat Bike ride
    • Recurring winter rides (tireless ride leaders, check)
    • Snowflake century
    • Festive 500 challenge
  • Virtual stream: By now a good number of members are already familiar with Zwift. Martin Hayes came up with so many exciting ideas for virtual rides and workouts that will make you think of the couch only if for the post ride recovery. If Peloton is more appealing to you, we got you covered! Mary Kernan is our ambassador and will be working on group workouts and more. Here’s what you will find:
    • Weekly group rides
    • Weekly workouts
    • Monthly virtual Century (base miles, here we go!)
    • Virtual Everesting (not for the faint at heart)
    • Tour of the Watopia kingdom
  • Webinars: The end of the year is the perfect time to plan for your next riding year. What will your 2022 ride season challenge? How to be fit when the roads clear, days grow longer, and temperatures rise? Andre Wolff will be coordinating this stream. We will have exciting programs like:
    • Annual Training Plan preparation
    • Pedalling Technique workshop with Ed Sassler
    • Paincave Setup 101 (bring your questions about trainers and apps)
    • Bundling up for outdoor riding (the onion approach)


The program will kick-off on November 4th with a formal presentation of the program over a Zoom meeting. Although we have an extensive menu, we are always open to hear new ideas and ways to support CRW members to remain fit and thinking about their bikes through winter.


You want to be in shape when the riding season starts, and this doesn’t happen by chance. Participate in our winter ride program and you will achieve maximum benefit for the spring and summer months.



James Dias

My name is James Dias, I've been a member off and on for a few years now. I would like to offer up for anyone interested a no drop mountain bike group ride. If this is of interest to any of your members please email me @ .. Mountain biking and or fat biking is a great way of staying connected also building strength & endurance through the colder months.
miketogo's picture

I requested you mention my ride recurring CRW ride (see the CRW ride calendar) which continues thru Fall/Winter/Spring 2021/2022 riding season. "Please mention the the recurring Hanson Winter Ride which runs thru 2021-2022. It’s one of the few if any winter rides that CRW offers to it’s member." It was not mentioned in the current CRW newsletter.I sent the editor an email last week. WHY?

Hey Mike, I think I remember you. I was sag driving for the Cranberry Harvest century and may have given you a ride to the parking lot. Noted. Will mention you and your ride in the presentation on the 4th. Will you join us? Here's a link to register: