CRW Votes!

CRW Votes!

The time is upon us to vote for our new CRW Board members who will begin their terms in January 2020. We have three open Board seats and three great candidates. So, why do you need a vote? Well, you don’t. But, you should. Our bylaws require us to go through this process. Voting is your civic duty, it’s good practice and it let’s us know you’re paying attention. The Board does a lot of work behind the scenes to set the policy and direction for the Club. We’re all volunteers and taking about a minute to cast your vote will let the candidates know that you appreciate their willingness to contribute their time to the Club.

Each CRW member will get 3 votes and you must be a club member (and logged into the website) in order to vote.

Voting will be held from October 1 - 15 with final results published on the website and in the November WheelPeople. Below, you’ll find the statements of candidacy for those running for Board seats. Please be sure to vote by going to this page:  Your vote will be heard!


Mary Kernan

I’ve served on the CRW Board for the past three years and took on the position of VP of Rides soon after joining the Board. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about what does and does not work in the Club. We face the challenge of many volunteer organizations in that we’re only as good as the people who offer their time, and there are many. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know so many people, finding ways to help them and finding ways that they can help the Club.

There’s more work to be done, I’m now coming from a position of experience and firsthand knowledge, and I’d like to continue what I’ve started. I’d appreciate your vote for a second term.


John O’Dowd

I honestly can't recall when I joined CRW. I first discovered the club through Andy Brand's Sunday morning ride. My family would take vacations in Scituate by the lighthouse, and I noticed every Sunday around 8:30 a group of riders would go by. Curious, I gave chase one Sunday and asked who they were, and thus my connection with CRW began.

I was attracted by the abundance of rides CRW offered in so many different places. I was tired of my old stale routes and riding alone, so I started coming to rides, doing a few a year. Finally, I joined, probably around 2006?

After a few years I wanted to become more involved with the club, maybe because I knew some good places to ride that CRW was not then going to. I inquired of the VP of Rides at the time, Eli Post, if I could be a ride leader assistant.

"What we really need'" Eli said, "are ride leaders. Can you lead a ride?"

Not backing down from the challenge my ride leading began.

That was 8 years ago. I'm up to leading or assisting 7 rides a year now. Last year, I volunteered at a century ride and plan to continue. Also last year Mary Kernan asked me to join the rides committee and I enjoy being part of shaping how we conduct our rides and planning events.

I'd like to join the CRW Board as an extension of my volunteer activities and intend to continue bringing new ideas and opportunities to club members. Cycling is a great sport, and CRW is a great club. I want to continue our custom of offering great rides and events, but I know it takes more than just leading rides to make this club function. I'm ready to move up to the next level of service.


Amy Wilson

I’m Amy Wilson and I would like to represent you as a Director on the Board of Charles River Wheelers.

I live in Jamaica Plain and have been a member of CRW since 2014 doing many CRW rides, centuries and other activities. I am a determined but slow rider, so I have met many of you when you pass me!  I’ve become more active with CRW since January when I volunteered to become the Treasurer of the Club. In my role as  treasurer,  I have attended board  meetings and after observing for six months, I continue to be impressed by CRW, its growth and inclusiveness and the dedication of the volunteers to get all the work done to allow us to enjoy all the rides.

I would appreciate your vote and I look forward to seeing you on the road.