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Help Wanted! CRW Town Route Collections

     CRW is starting a new initiative to curate and create the best cycling routes starting in most towns in the club service area. The vision is that a rider in, say, Lincoln will be able to go to the CRW Route Collections, select the Lincoln collection, and retrieve a set of one or two dozen routes that represent the best biking you can find starting in Lincoln. The rider can follow the collection in ridewithgps so they’re always easily available in their ridewithgps app, and as a club member they can ride these town-specific routes with the club turn-by-turn directions.  

     The incentive for undertaking this project is our changed riding habits in the covid era. Many of us are riding solo, with a member of our “quaranteam”, or with one or a few other riders who live nearby.  As such, there is less incentive to drive to a start location; mostly we are riding routes starting from our own homes, or meeting friends in the same town.  Unfortunately it can take some amount of effort to find and adapt routes that start nearby, that have been vetted recently, and that cover the best/most scenic/least traffic roads.  

     As a large and established club with an active and engaged membership, CRW has the collective expertise to solve this problem by curating collections of the best routes from each town.  We feel this would be a great resource for cyclists in the area, especially during this unusual time.  We already have a few collections in our ridewithgps club account Collections page This is just a start, and we hope to include your town as well! You can use the link provided to reach CRW Town Collections or use the website link under "Rides." Please note that there may be changes in the roadway or pavement, or there may be construction since the route was last vetted.

     If you are interested in volunteering to collect, create and vet ridewithgps routes that start and end in your town, please contact project organizer Susan Glass at susanjglass [at] for more information on how to get started.

The CRW Town Collections are stored on the Ride With GPS website. 

Susan Glass is a CRW member who volunteered to lead this project.

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I lived in Ashland but now live in Upton. I do have some routes that are nice in the Upton, Uxbridge, Millville Mendon area, most start from Upton. I also have a few from the Mary Finn school in Southborough.