CRW Rides are Back!

Mary Kernan

CRW group rides are back! We had a muted opening, with exactly one intrepid member attending our inaugural ride on July 1st. He was treated to a personal escort by club President Larry Kernan and VP of Rides Mary Kernan. We’re happy to report that the new Covid guidelines were followed, including a recitation of the rules. 

Curiously, those new rules, written by Butch Pemstein, Esq. include the lines, “Be aware of coughing, spitting, nose blowing and sneezing problems. If you are about to do any of those, please make absolutely sure that no one is within the minimum distance or slipstream area.” Originally, this read “…coughing, spitting, snotting…” and Butch was implored to find a synonym. He came up with exrhinorrate and was quickly subjected to the editor’s pen. One can only hope that club members would have followed this caution prior to Covid.

The next group ride on July 2nd had the first appearance of a rogue rider. As registration is now required on all club rides, this is a situation for which we had prepared. Jack Donohue was made to sign a waiver and time was added to his term as webmaster for the club..

Since then, we’ve run 7 additional club rides and the turnout remains small. This is certainly reflective of the caution being shown by both riders and ride leaders. We appreciate the care shown by everyone in following Covid rules and the main issue remains riders who show up having not registered. This does not give us the contact tracing or indemnification (yes, damn insurance companies!) we need. Additionally, stronger riders are challenged in trying to adhere to the 20’ separation rule as there is a natural inclination to form pacelines. When riders do maintain the required 20’ distance from the rider in front of them, a string of 10 riders forms a long line for cars to pass along narrow roads.

It remains an imperfect system and we will continue to evaluate the rules. Until then, thanks to the leaders who’ve been willing to post to the calendar and the riders who join them. We certainly support all who choose to continue to ride on their own or with their select group of friends and welcome those who would like to join a CRW group ride. As noted elsewhere in this issue, we are also taking step to expand opportunities for solo riding for those who prefer that option.

John O'Dowd led a ride on July 18, 2020 with only four signups.

Mary Kernan is CRW VP of Rides