CRW Non-Member Policy

At the May 9, 2019 meeting of the CRW Board, a new policy regarding non-members was approved. The new club policy is:

As required by our insurance carrier, non-members may participate in only two CRW rides before joining.

Why is CRW instituting this policy?  The CRW liability insurance policy only covers CRW members and first-time guests. A non-member who shows up on a club ride for a second time will result in our insurance carrier not providing liability insurance for accidents related to that rider. Unfortunately, no waiver or release can solve the problem.

This issue is not about the guest getting hurt. This issue is about a guest who gets into an accident doing property damage or worse, injuring or killing another rider or pedestrian. The injured party may very likely sue the guest, the club and the ride leader. In the case of a non-member on their second ride with CRW, our insurance carrier will not cover these damages nor defend the club and ride leader.

Century events are not affected by this policy nor does participating in a paid century event count as the onetime guest ride.

This new policy is effective as of June 1, 2019.