CRW Logo Redesign Committee and Process

Jeff Dieffenbach


Dear Fellow CRW members,


With the approval of the Board, CRW President Rami Haddad has tapped me to lead a committee to run the process of updating the club logo. The graphical demands and opportunities presented by contemporary digital platforms are motivating this effort.


This communication launches and outlines a proposed logo process, beginning with a solicitation for 2–4 additional committee members to join a current group of 3. If you are interested in joining this committee, please send me a note at the email address in my signature block below. If there are more expressions of interest than available spots, I will be in the unenviable position of choosing, which I’ll do based on factors including relevant communications/communications management experience, club involvement, and diversity.


In parallel, I’m soliciting feedback on the following process (send to same email address below).

  • Jun 1: Deadline for members to submit feedback on this process
  • Committee submits final process to Board for their Jun 3 meeting
  • There are currently three design concepts
    • Existing logo with digital platform derivatives
    • Reimagined, modernized version of the existing logo
    • “Wheel/river” logo that was circulated earlier this year
  • Jun 28: Deadline for members to submit candidate logo design family (main logo and “derivatives”) per following guidelines (send to same email address below)
    • Conveys club history, diversity, and future in keeping with mission and values
    • Designs should include but are not limited to the main logo, derivatives for social media icons/badges, and versions suitable for kit/clothing/merchandise/banners
    • Employs bold clear clean lines that are easily recognized at a distance and print on multiple materials
    • Uses unique color palette different from nearby clubs; colors can be used individually or in combination; must also work as a single color
    • Remains clear in 20-40 pixel square format for digital platform usage
    • Works as photo overlay in mono color with transparent background
    • Submissions do not need to be in final artwork file format, but should be as close to final as possible; club may work with designer to create final form
  • Committee selects 3-5 candidate logo designs for membership vote
  • Jul 19–31: Window for members to vote on candidate logo designs (including option to keep current logo)
  • Committee presents winning design to Board for Aug meeting; Board reserves right to make final approval


I look forward to participating in this process and seeing the club’s thoughtfulness and creativity!



Jeff Dieffenbach
deepbrook [at]
Joined CRW 2010