CRW has a new logo!

Jeff Dieffenbach


It's with great pleasure that the CRW Logo Design Oversight Committee writes to share the results of the logo vote that took place this past October 29 through Nov 8.


Submitted by Club member Nina Siegel, Design D won, taking 382 combined votes versus 327 for Design B


You can view the other designs here.


Here are some details from the Rank Choice Voting:

  • Design D - 290 natural 1sts, 24 2nds from C, 68 2nds from A - TOTAL 382
  • Design B - 214 natural, 67 from C, 46 from A - TOTAL 327
  • Design A - 146 natural, 20 from C - TOTAL 166
  • Design C - 120 natural - TOTAL 120

Two members of our committee separately performed a full tally of the votes, with two other members of the committee tallying the first round "natural" votes.


As it happens, while the Rank Choice Voting method required three rounds, the order of design preference did not change relative to the first round.


Some additional facts:

1. Here's when the votes were entered



2. Here's how people chose to fill out their ballots:

  • 536 ballots ranked all 4 designs
  • 76 ballots ranked 3 designs
  • 109 ballots ranked 2 designs
  • 49 ballots ranked 1 design
  • 1 ballot ranked 0 designs


3. Odd ballots


Somewhat interestingly, 4 people did not submit their ranking in order. That is, they might have entered 1st, 3rd, and 4th, skipping 2nd. We chose to be literal and only count explicit 2nds as 2nd. An alternate way to count these would be to "promote" the 3rd to 2nd and the 4th to 3rd. The end result is the same in both cases.


4. The horse race

  • After round 1, Design D led with 37.7% over Design B with 27.8%
  • Design B closed the gap after round 2, with 41.3% to D and 36.9% to B
  • Design D widened its lead after round 3, with 53.9% to D and 46.1% to B

Put another way, Design C voters tended to like Design B, with both of those designs coming from the same designer. By comparison, current logo (Design A) voters tended to like Design D. The committee didn’t find this surprising, just interesting.


5. More inclusivity


At its meeting on Nov 9, the Board accepted the committee chair’s recommendation and approved Design D. The board also voted to replace the exclusionary "On the roads of New England since 1966" tagline with the more concise and inclusive "Cycling New England since 1966," reflecting the fact and joy that there are surfaces other than roads.




Writing as the committee chair, I offer my whole-hearted thanks to the members of the Logo Design Oversight committee (listed below). They brought thoughtfulness, energy, and candor to the effort.


- Judi Burten
- Margaret Coughlin
- Jeff Dieffenbach, chair
- Rami Haddad, CRW President
- Rob Keohane
- Ankit Parikh
- Nina Siegel
- Jerry Skurla



I appreciate seeing the details of the ranked voting - would it be possible to include images of the other designs? I can't recall what all four designs looked like.

I like Richard's request for including the images. I like the boards vote to replace "On the roads of" with "Cycling" to be more inclusive. Could a pony tail be added to one of the cyclers to also be inclusive, as the former logo had?

Thanks for the update on the design. When will shirts be printed? I second the suggestion for a pony tail in the image to ensure inclusivity.

I disagree with the ponytail suggestion. I liked this design because it was not meant to be representational of gender or race or any other physical characteristic. Thus being inclusive. I am disappointed that the accompanying “digital” version doesn’t look like a bike as in design B