CRW Grants

Amy Wilson


CRW has had an active grant program for many years. The club felt that excess income should be devoted to worthy causes that support biking. We are not alone in this regard as other bike club also support outside causes.


We are fortunate that our centuries generate excess income, and that one of the club’s founders remembered us in his will. Donating of course benefits the recipient organizations themselves, but it also reinforces CRW’s sense of obligation and it’s duty to serve the broader biking community. Finally, we hope that our giving inspires other athletic clubs to do the same.


We have been able to support a wide range of organizations. Some like the Bruce Freeman group actually build trails, and many of you ride on those trails, and now you know your club helped build them. Other organizations like Livable Streets actively support biking causes. Some play a unique role: Bikes Not Bombs makes bikes available around the world: Cycle Kids teaches schools kids about biking. All in all, our grant program has made a contribution to biking interests in the Boston area, and we hope you share our pride in this accomplishment. Since 2014 close to $75,000 has been donated to worthy causes.


We are always looking for additional organizations to support to spread the wealth of CRW funds, there are so many worthy bicycle-related organizations so please feel free to contact any member of the Board with new requests for either a traditional grant or challenge.


Amy Wilson is VP Finance

Alphabetical by Organization 2014 2015 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Total
Adventure Cycling           300       300
Bikes Not Bombs                   5,000 5,000         5,000 191 15,191
Boston Cyclists Union                       5,000 5,000 89 10,089
City of Boston 5,000                 5,000
Cycle Kids                                 5,000 5,000             10,000
Cycle through History   1,146 1,146             2,292
East Coast Greenway Alliance                 635 635
Friends Bruce Freeman Rail Trail   10,000               535 10,535
Livable Streets                        3,000 4,000 4,000       11,000
Mass Bike                                     2,500   5,000 720 8,220
Ride of Silence           300       300
Worcester Earn-a-Bike                 1,000       1,000
Total 15,000 11,146 11,146 3,000 4,000 8,100 5,000 15,000 2,170 $74,562