CRW Grants



In addition to using members’ dues to pay for CRW’s rides and social events, CRW allocates a portion of our annual budget for financial grants to promote the benefits of cycling.  The purposes and scope of grants are principally interested in programs and events that support bicycle usage, advocacy, safety, infrastructure development, and skill development.

A range of cycling-related organizations in New England has been the recipients of CRW’s grants in the past including:

·      Bikes Not Bombs, 

·      CYCLE Kids, 

·      LivableStreets Alliance

·      Bike Newton. 

Most recently, the LivableStreets Alliance of Boston received a grant to help promote three of its programs for the Emerald Green bike rides in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, the annual 10-in-1 Street Talk to promote cycling and related infrastructure, and its annual Tour de Streets for guided family rides through Boston and Cambridge. 

Although there are no established guidelines for the grants amounts, most grants have been in the range of $1,000 to $5,000.

If members know of cycling organizations that may be interested to apply for CRW grants, please have them contact Stanley Kay, Chairman of the Grants Committee (, for further details and an application form.