CRW Goes International

WheelPeople Editors

We are used to seeing CRW jerseys on club rides, but it is noteworthy when one is seen on a cyclist in a far away place. Many of our members travel, and some proudly wear their club jerseys. We feel they deserve recognition for promoting the club.

Mary and Larry Kernan were on a seven week, 1730 mile, bicycle trip through Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. They posed in front of Wat Rong Suea Ten (Blue Temple) in Chiang Rai Thailand. Larry is President of CRW and Mary is Vice-President of Rides.This is Mary's journal entry in their blog for that day: 


Connie Farb and Mark Sevier did a self-supported tandem tour in France in September 2017. They went from Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast, to Colioure on the Mediterranean coast, along the foothills (not the summits) of the Pyrenees. The photo was probably taken somewhere around Cucugnan.  Connie and Mark are CRW ride leaders and have provided numerous other volunteer contributions.


John O’Dowd is a CRW Director and Ride Leader. He and his wife Deborah were cycling in France and stopped for a photo op by a 16th century church, the Eglise St. Rigomer et Sainte-Tenestine in Vaunallan, 8 miles south of Paris. 



We thank the contributors and David Cooper for technical assistence with the images.