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CRW-Devo Western Mass attack will be EPIC


If you have ever ridden your road bike in that wonderful area, you know what we are up to. Beautiful scenery, rivers, swimming holes and mountains. Lots of them.


The fierce leader of the Climbing Challenge was asked to put together a "nice" route for us and it didn't disapoint. 10,000+ ft of elevation will be up for grabs.


We will start off in Charlemont from the Regional School, and ride over classic Western Mass hills like Kingsley Hill/Tilda all the way to the Western Summit, Monroe Hill, Whitcomb Hill to the Eastern Summit, Black Brook to Savoy and then finishing off climbing up to Heath two different ways. We will be doing many loops so if your appetite fades after the first 5 or 7K ft, you can make a strategic turn.


This is high riding season folks, we will all be as fit as we will ever get in this year so why not spend some of that over the nicely paved roads of Rowe, Monroe, Florida, Hawley, Savoy, and other towns?  Join us for this imperial century ride across several of Pamela's (and soon to be yours) favorite hills in the area.


We are going to leave at 9:00 AM, aiming at completing the loop keeping an average of 14-16mph. There will be rest tops along the way on convenience stores. Bring enough food though. Riders who are fitter are welcome to ride in the front but regouping at the top of the steeper hills - there will be plenty - and at the designated rest stops.


EXCLUSIVE BONUS: As we envision the weather to be quite hot that day, what about a dip in a pristine watering hole along the way? We got you covered!


This is a CRW-Devo ride. The elevation can be logged in the Climbing challenge. Use this Google Form:


We will be observing CRW's COVID regulation. Please use the registration form in this page to take part in this ride!


Should you have any questions, send me a note!


Special thanks to Pamela Blalock for tracing the route! You can personally "thank her" after the ride (LOL)


Hope to see you there.



Date: Saturday Jun 26, 2021
9:00 AM

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Routes and Cue Sheets from RWGPS

Miles Elevation Print Download
102 10,376 ft Cue sheet GPX
Charlemont, MA

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