CRW COVID-Era Crowdsourced Bathrooms & Bubblers Map

John Buten
Experienced cyclists have a lot of know how.  How to change a tire in the rain. When to take the lane to be seen. Where you can find a bathroom that's open in Acton at 7:30AM.  
In a global pandemic, we've continued to ride, but our bathroom knowledge has been rendered useless.  To help the cycling community, I posted a map for people to post the bathrooms and water fountains that are confirmed to be open during COVID summer.  My hope is that this will be helpful to fellow cyclists and will keep down the frequency of roadside relief that can put cyclists in a bad light.
Ground Rules:

Public FacilitiesPlease post *public* bathrooms and water sources.  By state law there's a Dunkin Donuts for every 5,000 people in the metro Boston area so we don't need to list every coffee shop with a bathroom.  This is for public facilities that don't require patronage or encourage public use by cyclists.  I have several nice cafes that are convenient pit stops on my favorite rides that I'd encourage other cyclists to patronize but that's a job for a different map.

Be Descriptive: Please use the naming convention you'll see on the map - Type of Facility and Location in the title - and then add any pertinent info such as whether the facility is closed at certain hours and when you verified it was open.
Be Precise: Try to put the pin on the specific location of the bathroom or bubbler.  If you zoom in, Google allows you to place the pin within 10 feet.  If you just search on the location name (e.g. Town Common) it will place the pin on the center rather than where the bubbler is located... which is less helpful
Like a public restroom, I've created this map as a public resource so let's all do our best to keep it clean!  I'll plan to come through on a regular basis and tidy up titles etc.  Note, you should be able to post locations from your phone, but the interface is kludgy and may result in a blank pin on the map.  Don't sweat it... we'll get it fixed up.
To view the CRW Bathrooms & Bubblers Map:
To add locations to the map: