CRW Covid-19 Riding Rules

CRW Covid-19 Riding Rules


  1. You have all signed a waiver agreeing not to participate in any CRW ride if you are ill, symptomatic or had recent exposure to a person with possible contagious illness or if guidelines or rules require or suggest isolation or quarantine. If you cannot agree, do not ride with us as you endanger yourself and all other rides.
  2. Be aware of physical distancing protocols: 6+ feet when riding side by side, passing, stopping or on breaks; 20+ feet behind another rider, as suggested by USA Cycling. Pacelines and drafting are prohibited.
  3. Masks: make sure that you have a mask and that you pull it up when stopped, when approaching the minimum physical distance, and at all other appropriate times.
  4. Be aware of coughing, spitting, nose blowing and sneezing problems.  If you are about to do any of those please make absolutely sure that no one is within the minimum distance or slipstream area.
  5. You should wash or disinfect when appropriate and not share your water bottle or food.
  6. The maximum number of riders in a group is 10.



Last Updated June 18, 2020


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