CRW Board Profile

Amy Wilson


Following the lead of Steve Carlson on his personal road bike history, I bought my first road bike in 1972 when I was 13 to go on an American Youth Hostel bike tour of all of the New England States. It was a fantastic trip which led to my eventually living in New England, learning to camp and a life-long love of biking.  That red Italian DiCampli steel frame bike that I bought with babysitting money (at a dollar an hour no less) was with me for a very long time before I regrettably donated it to Bikes Not Bombs. Raising three sons who are now in their 20s and working  as a hospital planning strategist kept me from any serious road biking for many years, I only biked as a form of commuting or transporting my kids in the city. 


In 2013, I bought my second road bike to do the Best Buddies Challenge Century from Boston to Hyannis. I loved being back on a road bike and found CRW to keep riding after the Century. Biking is a big part of our family, rehabbing bikes, bike trips, etc.


I was taken with CRW quickly, the grass roots nature of the organization, the fact that I could ride at my slow pace and still be part of the organization and also the access to such great bike routes all over.


I responded to an email in Wheel People three years ago to be Treasurer and then went on the Board in 2020. CRW, the last three years with the pandemic, and what can I say, various political issues has not always been easy but overall, it is an amazing organization that runs on a dime with incredible camaraderie and volunteer efforts. I have met amazing people and look forward to seeing everyone out there this summer. I look forward to working on the fall Cranberry Harvest Century which is a great opportunity to get to know CRW and meet some great people as well. 


Amy Wilson is a member of the CRW Board and also CRW Treasurer.