CRW Board Elections

CRW Board Elections

CRW Elections for three Board Members are coming up.  Please see the President’s Message for a description of the CRW Director role.

There are 9 Directors on the CRW Board and the Past President serves in an ex officio role for one year after his or her term.  Each year, CRW members elect 3 directors for a 3 year term.  A director is allowed to serve no more than two consecutive 3 year terms.

Board of Directors meetings are held every two months in odd-numbered months.  One of those meetings is anticipated to be an all-day planning meeting.

In this election, there are three open Director seats to be filled.  The newly elected Directors will serve from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022.  One of the current CRW directors has served two consecutive terms and is not eligible.  The other two incumbents have not indicated that they will run.

This is the process for Election of the Board based on CRW’s bylaws:

  • Any member may submit his / her own name as a candidate for the current Board vacancies, not later than September 20th.  Each candidate may submit a statement of 250 words or less, to be disseminated to the membership and included in the ballot.
    • Submit your nomination and statement to president [at]
    • The statements will appear in the October WheelPeople which will be released prior to October 1st.


  • The Election of Directors shall be by electronic ballot transmitted to all members.  Votes of all members shall be confidential.  Voting shall be allowed October 1 to October 15.  The Secretary shall verify and publish the results no later than October 30th.
    • All individual CRW members receive 1 vote and all household memberships receive 2 votes per household.
    • The names of the newly elected Directors will appear in the November WheelPeople.


  • The new Board members will attend the November CRW Board Meeting.  At this meeting, all Directors who will serve during 2020 will elect the CRW President who will serve in 2020.