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Each year the Board of Directors votes to determine individuals CRW should recognize for contributions they made to the club and cycling in general. Awards and Certificates are ordinarily presented to the volunteers at the annual Holiday Party in December. However Covid-19 has precluded a party so this article will serve as the presentation.

In 2013 Ralph Galen, one of the original founders of CRW, passed away and named CRW as a beneficiary in his will. Ralph was a driving force in the Boston bicycling community as well as CRW. To perpetuate Ralph's name the Board of Directors initiated the Ralph Galen Service Award to be presented from time to time as appropriate to an individual who has worked tirelessly for CRW over many years. That is, this award is for those individuals who have contributed above and beyond.

At its meeting in November 2020 the Board of Directors approved a Ralph Galen Service Award for Ken Hablow. Ken’s volunteer positions are almost too numerous to mention but include President, Vice President of Rides, VP of Publications and ride leader. Ken organized special events over the years including a multi-day ride series, GEAR, in conjunction with the League of American Bicyclists. Ken is likely best known for originating and running Climb to the Clouds for many years. He is a household name and well known to the great majority of CRW regulars.

Jack Donohue is an old friend of Ken's and observed that  "When off the bike, Ken is busy perfecting his grilling skills while quaffing his favorite brews." Eli Post worked with Ken on numerous projects and said "Ken has a business background and used his skills in solving problems and getting stuff done. He has an impressive list of accomplishments and made CRW a better club."

Larry Kernan, the outgoing CRW President, commented "Ken is responsible for the renowned 'Climb to the Clouds' event that has become a club fixture for many years.  Additionally, nobody knows the roads of eastern Massachusetts better than Ken and nobody lays out a better ride!  The Galen Award is well-earned!"




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Congratulations Ken!

In addition to the virtues mentioned in the article, Ken has an excellent, if occasionally ironic, sense of humor. Congratulations, Ken!

Ken is a fabulous and frequent ride leader and helped me fix more than a few of my early RWGPS route attempts. He also saved my butt when I hit a downhill pothole, flatted, and I just could not get the tire back on the rim!