CRW 2022 Board

WheelPeople Editors


The 2021 CRW Board election is now history, but the work begins on 1/1/22 for our newly constituted board. We would like to introduce them so you better know who governs the club. We start with Harriet Fell, and will introduce other members in future issues. 


In her own words:


I was a professor at Northeastern University from 1971 until I retired in 2015.  I started there in math but left the math department in 1982 to help start the College of Computer Science.  I joined the CRW in 1976 but I rode relatively little during the years of working and raising kids.  I came back to club rides when I retired and had time to get out on the road.  I really like to ride from my house so I mostly do club rides that I can cycle to and from.  My favorite routes when I ride alone are centuries from home (in Newtonville, MA) to the summit of Mount Wachusett and back and to Riverside Rhode Island and back.  Other than cycling, I like to draw and do watercolors and I play classical guitar trios every Friday morning.


My spouse was Sheldon Brown who died in 2008.  His website is well known to cyclists and John Allen and I continue to update and maintain the site.  Sheldon and I had two children Tova and George and Tova is the mother of Sailor who is named in honor of Sheldon who loved to sail and sing sea chanteys.


Cycling has been very important in my life and I’d like to turn my focus to helping others enjoy it as much as I have. In joining the Board, I would like to encourage the club to become more family oriented and to bring a renewed focus to cycling safety issues, possibly running classes in local schools. I would like to offer some slower rides with ice-cream stops for people with babies on their bikes or with kid-back tandems or for preteen children riding solo as a way of attracting younger couples to the club.  Sheldon and I often brought our kids on club rides.  I am delighted to see so many new things happening in the CRW.  As a board member, I plan to work hard to help support  the new types of rides and social events that the club is now sponsoring.