Cranberry Harvest Century, October 6, 2019

Eli Post

Organizations often judge their success by whether they achieve a particular mission.  In many cases it’s profitability or how much is raised for a cause or whether there is a medical or technological advance.  For a bike club running a century ride, the mission is more personal.  Quite simply, did the riders have a rewarding experience.  On that note, CRW’s Cranberry Harvest Century was a huge success!  We sold out with 800 registrants weeks before the event with many faithful returning century riders and many first-timers.  But more importantly, when we chatted with a host of the  riders at the finish we heard nothing but rave reviews!  This is very satisfying news to us, as we heard the same last year, and this year we made several enhancements.  Riders loved the scenic route and appreciated the high level of volunteer service from the well-stocked rest stops, as well as the road markings which facilitated navigation.

This route was relatively flat and accommodated a wide rage of riders. We were particularly taken by the words of an 82 year old rider:

“It was my first Cranberry Harvest Ride and I have never done an easier 52 mile ride. Lack of hills, beautiful pavement for the most part, sunny day, reasonable temperatures, and a tailwind on the return! Also, lack of traffic.  I may well do it again next year, but 52 was enough for me. “

A century ride is a milestone, even badge of honor, among cyclists, and we are pleased that we helped many achieve this goal. We had other rider comments:

“Great day today. Lots of cranberries! Thanks to all the volunteers.”

“Thank you to everyone who made this ride great!!”

“A big thank you to the organizing committee and all of the volunteers for yesterday's Cranberry Century who made it such a great event.  Beautiful day, great sights to behold, and a fun event all around. Thank you.”

“The Nutella & PB and fluff & pb were an awesome addition to the already perfect harvest century! Big thanks to the volunteers....this needs to be a new staple.”

“The group I had for the metric all loved having a group of new friends to ride with.  We hung together for the whole ride.  We were 5 coming back together looking forward to riding together again.  Thanks for the opportunity. “

When an event goes off well, there is a tendency to think it was easy to put together, but that is far from the case. We had countless meetings, negotiations with various towns, and most important the assistance of over 50 volunteers who made the event possible.






We want to thank all our volunteers and all our riders, for without either, we would not be able to bring these events to fruition.  We hope this event helped to cap a successful riding season!

The Century Planning Committee is taking a “short break” but keep your eyes wide open for the announcement of our Spring Century to be held in May.   Hmmmm…..wonder what route will be selected??





Jee Chung's picture

This year's Cranberry ride was awesome as usual. The ONLY comment that I have is that, for those of us who rode the 63-mile route without GPS (using arrows only), there were a few intersections where the arrows were unclear or just missing.