Covid-19 Guidelines Updated

Rami Haddad


Massachusets is lifting many of the Covid-19 restrictions, and the Governor announced sweeping changes effective May 29, 2021. Full details are here MA governor announcement. 


We are finally moving back to normal. Most important to CRW rides is the default cap on number of permitted riders which will be 60, although the ride leader can increase this limit to 150 within his/her discretion.



Other Guidelines


A. Require all riders to sign agreement not to participate in any CRW ride if they are ill, symptomatic or had recent exposure to a person with possible contagious illness or if guidelines or rules require or suggest isolation or quarantine. If the rider cannot agree, then the rider is not to ride with CRW as it would endanger both the rider and others.


B. No coughing, spitting, nose blowing and sneezing towards others. A Rider that needs to expectorate must be absolutely sure that no one is within the minimum distance or slipstream area.


C. Riders should wash or disinfect when appropriate and not share water bottles or food.


D. Recommend (but not require) that the maximum number of riders in a group is 10.


E. Recommend (but not require) that unvaccinated riders maintain social distance and wear a mask at stops for their own protection, in alignment with CDC guidelines.


These changes are effective May 29 2021 and we hope to see you on a club ride.


Rami Haddad is President of CRW.