Club Insurance

Amy Wilson

We Got You Covered! –A Glimpse into Your CRW Insurance  

Did you know as a club member, we have liability and medical insurance available to you if you have an unfortunate accident while on a CRW sponsored bike ride?  While we have proven to be a very safe group of riders, this is a benefit we want to ensure all our members understand just a bit better.  

A portion of your membership dues goes towards this coverage and helps provide you financial safeguards while you ride with us.  The Club’s medical coverage is a supplemental coverage policy, which pays after a member’s primary and secondary coverages have paid, or in the event a member is uninsured. The limits for the medical coverage are between $5,000 and $25,000 depending on the specific circumstances.   

Some specific events, for example the CRW Centuries, need special event coverage, especially when non-members are riding and/or we are charging for the event. The medical coverage for this type of event is similar to the Club insurance with slightly different limits.   

In the unlikely event you are liable for damages, either physical damage or medical coverage of others involved in an accident you caused, there may be additional provisions to help defray these costs to you personally.  

The Proverbial Fine Print: 

Not all CRW rides on the calendar are covered by Club insurance.  A common annotation next to a ride is: “Not covered by Club Insurance”.   These rides do not meet the criteria for a club insured ride.  What is a CRW official club ride? There are several factors, and they can be summarized as follows: 

  • Safety Rules are reviewed 
  • The ride has a leader who has been trained by CRW 
  • All participants have signed a waiver of liability 
  • You are a CRW member
  • One “try-out” ride is allowed prior to joining CRW 
  • A rider roster was maintained of the ride. Specifically, a rider who files a claim must be “traceable” to having attended the ride and their waiver of liability is on file. This can be done through online signup.  

Club insurance is a member benefit, and we hope that you will help us by making sure frequent riders are club members and that all safety rules are followed. Questions, please contact Amy Wilson, CRW VP for Finance at Treasurer [at] or Mary Kernan, VP for Rides, mary.kernan [at]

Amy Wilson is Treasurer of CRW.