Charles River Wheelers Club Policies


Charles River Wheelers - Club Policies

CRW is governed under a constitution and a set of by-laws which establish a Board, elections and other procedures which essentially determine how the club is run. In addition, the board periodically adopts formal policies which are principles to guide decisions and achieve desired outcomes. The Board has adopted three policies to date:


Electric Bicycle Policy adopted March 21, 2020

Members and qualified guests of the Charles River Wheelers may ride bicycles with electric assist motors (e-bikes) on all club group rides and events with the same benefits and responsibilities of any rider, provided:

·         The bicycle must be pedal assist (specifically, the bike does not move without pedaling). Throttled e-bikes are prohibited.

·         Riding other than on a public roadway is under the rules and the jurisdiction of the governing body. 

·         It is the rider’s responsibility to know and obey CRW’s policy and the law.

·         All riders are to conform with CRW guidelines and policies.

·         An e-bike rider should be certain they have sufficient battery reserve for the ride they have chosen. It is not CRW’s responsibility to ensure that the e-bike rider is returned to the ride start should they run out of battery.


Group Rides for Non-members adopted January 1, 2021 

As required by our insurance carrier, non-members may participate in two CRW rides before joining.


Helmet Requirement adopted November 1, 2011

Club policy

All participants in a Charles River Wheelmen-sponsored ride are required to wear properly attached ANSI-, SNELL-, or CPSC-approved bicycling helmets.  The CRW will enforce this policy by requiring that members agree to wear helmets as a condition of membership and non-member participants agree to wear helmets as part of the non-member liability waiver.

Membership/ waiver statement

I hereby agree to wear a properly attached ANSI-, SNELL-, or CPSC-approved bicycling helmet during 

·         [for non-member waiver] CRW rides.

·         [or for membership renewal] any CRW ride during the term of my membership.

Website & WheelPeople

Helmets required on all CRW rides.

Ride leader statement (or equivalent)

All of you have agreed to wear properly attached helmets as a condition of your participation in today’s ride.