Changes to By-Laws

Larry Kernan

I am proposing some changes to our bylaws based on my experience as CRW President in 2019 and 2020. Although this work is preliminary, I am, in the interests of transparency, reporting on the work in progress.

The most significant change that I propose is a 2 year term for President. Based on informal conversations with the Board on April 6th, 2021 we would continue to limit the President to two consecutive terms (which would be a total of 4 years). I found from my direct experience that it takes a good amount of time for the President to put together plans, budgets and staff and the term is nearly done before much is implemented. This proposal is not for my benefit nor for the benefit of the incumbent President. I do not plan to run for President again and Rami has said publicly that he does not plan to run again.

We will not rush this through without Member input. The earliest that we will put a formal proposal to the Board is at the May Board meeting. If the Board approves a new set of Bylaws, the proposed Bylaws will be published and presented to club members. There will be a two month comment period with the earliest possibility of formal approval at the July Board meeting.

I also propose merging our Constitution and Bylaws. It is very rare for a corporation to have a Constitution and ours sometimes conflicts with the Bylaws. CRW also has a set of Articles of Incorporation which are filed with the State and also regulates the way in which the club operates. If we do merge the Constitution and Bylaws, I will propose that we rescind the Constitution. This requires a 2/3 vote of club members. If we go forward with that plan, we will hold meetings and have extensive communications with members explaining what we are proposing.

This is the very beginning of this process and Board discussions have just begun on this issue. I would also like to discuss with the Board the concept of a "CRW Foundation" to handle the fund raising and charitable giving activities associated with the club. This discussion has NOT yet occurred, and we will probably table this until fall.

Click here to view set of slides that I used at a CRW Board planning meeting on April 6th. We only covered through slide 7. Remember that these slides are my proposal and do not necessarily reflect the thinking of other Board members or the feedback that I received during the planning meeting.

I would welcome any inputs that members have and I'd be glad to engage in conversation with you as well. Again, remember that this is all very preliminary.


Larry Kernan is a CRW past President, and currently serves on the CRW Board.




Phillip Stern's picture

The changes make sense to me. I am glad the full membership will be informed and involved in the change.