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Rami Haddad

Zwift Weekly Rides

Our aim is to provide motivation and structure for improving yourself, whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran. A survey will gather info to kick off the CRW Devo Zwift workout sessions. Expect workouts to be 60-90 minutes long, once a week. We will start with an FTP (functional threshold power) test and go through a training block and retest your FTP after some time. This is also a place to make friends so if you want to come for the ride and say hi, that is encouraged as well! Suggested workouts will be provided, but you can do whatever workout or even free ride if you want.

Join the group & conversation at

Access to Slack available at



IT IS OFFICIAL: #CRWheelers on Instagram got its first picture.  Follow & post your own pictures from club rides with the hashtag #CRWheelers to share with other members.


Mystic Lakes Time Trial

Happening every Friday:

Self-directed individual time trial, all-day on Fridays. Ride one hot-lap of the Mystic Lakes.

All times logged throughout the day will be posted. Feel free to do as many laps as you choose and your best time will be considered. Do review the specific segment that will count toward the leaderboard and remember: SAFETY FIRST.

This is not sanctioned, insured, or sponsored event. Good luck


Women-only Rides

Exploring the idea of planning women-only rides. Some possibly during the week in ealry morning, or some longer ones on weekend. Join the conversation with your feedback & ideas on Slack channel #ride-women.



Mobile Club Calendar

View the club calendar on your mobile calendar app by following these simple steps for iOS & Android