Centuries Update

Randall Nelson-Peterman
Winter is fully here, and most of us have either bundled up for colder daily rides or have broken out our trainers. Riding on a trainer always has me fantasizing about being back on the road, and if you are like me then you will want to dream about the club's supported centuries being planned for 2020.
Climb to the Clouds is on Saturday May 30, 2020
One of our missions as a club is to provide well-organized and well-led road riding experiences for our members, and our centuries are a big part of that mission. This year, the Century Committee is planning to hold a spring and fall century. Once again, our Spring century will be the Climb to the Clouds. Mark your calendar now for Saturday, May 30th. The Fall century route is being discussed. We have a collection of several proven century routes and our plan is to alternate them over the years.
Arrow Policy
There is one big change for 2020; we will no longer be arrowing the century routes. We will still be producing cue sheets and RideWithGPS routes, and our expectation is that these two navigation methods, along with more ride leaders for our group rides, will be adequate for our century riders. There are many arguments for and against arrowing, but the big thing that swayed us was that the amount of volunteer time needed to arrow the routes was making it difficult to pull off a century.  Additionally, we were finding increasing resistance from communities who don’t like us painting their roads.
Call for Volunteers
As we plan each century, our goal is to provide challenges for riders who want to move fast and push hard, while also serving the needs of those who wish a more manageable century, or those who want shorter routes.  Every century we put on gives us some lessons for the next one, and we continue to enhance / improve with more food offerings, group rides, better organization, and fun routes. Staging a supported century requires 50 or more volunteers who each volunteer about 10 plus hours, and a core leadership team who put in many additional hours of work securing venues, food, permits, police details, insurance, routes, porta-johns and a hundred other details.
No CRW century can happen without volunteers, and many hands do indeed make light work. Quite a few of the volunteer positions allow you to ride the century, and those who volunteer get to ride for free.  We also offer "transfer" rides to people who volunteer at rest stops and other non-riding positions. These can allow a partner or friend to ride while you volunteer (some restrictions apply). In addition to being able to ride for free, there are other perks, including volunteer parties and stylish t-shirts. We look forward to seeing you at the spring CTTC and offering your time volunteering in a task that appeals to you.
bikeman [at] nelson-peterman.com (Randall Nelson-Peterman), Century Committee Co-chair