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11/12/2022 10:45 pm update:

Ride is on as scheduled!  Looks like it won't be the greatest day, but not a total washout either.  Looks like drizzle until 11 am, with conditions improving thereafter.




To some, Massachusetts is the center of the universe.  And Massachusetts has a geographic center- Rutland, MA or to be more specific, one particular tree on Center Tree road in Rutland.  This tree is a highlight, so this ride will take you to the center of the universe!  Other highlights include- the interesting ruins at the Old Rutland Prison Camp (not on the short ride), the Center Tree Bar and Grill for lunch (or numerous other options in Rutland), lots of scenic paved and gravel roads, and, of course, many pieces of the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail (MCRT).


This is a gravel ride.  There are 3 options- short (26 miles), medium (36 miles), or long (46 miles).  The long ride will start from the Mass Central Rail Trail- West Boylston lot on Thomas Street.  The short and medium rides will start from the Mass Central Rail Trail- Holden lot on Mill Street.  Your ride leader will get the long ride started and ride to the start point for the short/medium ride to get the 2nd group started.


This is a typical CRW ride- once the ride talk is given, you ride at your own pace.  You will need to download the ride you are doing to your phone, and are expected to be self-sufficient.  There is no sweep.  This said, we do encourage people to ride together in small groups.  The low/no traffic feature of gravel rides are very conducive to this.


The routes include a few technical sections.  Surprisingly, on the long route, the MCRT has 2 switchback sections of about 1/4 mile of almost 10% grade.  (C must be for Cog here, not Central!)  Further on, Ware road goes from a nice dirt road to an unmaintained road.  Compared to most, this one is in good shape, but it is somewhat rocky.  All told, there's about 1 mile that riders with no mountain bike skills may want to avoid or walk parts of.  I have routes that avoid these sections.  If you'd like to get these alternate routes, email me (Wes DeNering, lindaandwesbcd [at], and I will send you the links.






Date: Sunday Nov 13, 2022
10:00 am for long ride (46 miles)
10:45 am for short and medium rides (26 and 36 miles)
Ride Leader(s): 
Ride type: 

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Routes and Cue Sheets from RWGPS

Miles Elevation Print Download
26 1,823 ft Cue sheet GPX
36 2,345 ft Cue sheet GPX
46 2,973 ft Cue sheet GPX

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