Cannondale Recall

James White
John Allen


The Cannondale CAADX cyclocross bicycle has been recalled. Models from 2013 to 2016 have a life-threatening issue with the front fork splitting with no warning. Cannondale will replace the fork

for free but no one should be riding this bike until they take it to a Cannondale dealer and replace the fork. The forks are back ordered so mid-February is the earliest you will get the bike back. For more information, check the following articles.


CRW Safety Coordinator John Allen adds the following note:


Problems with forks are not limited to particular Cannondale models. The addition of disc brakes without adapting other parts has created hazards. Trek already recalled quick releases with handles that can catch in the openings in a disc rotor -- but the replacements were of the inferior, high-friction, low clamping force external-cam type, see Now, what does this have to do with forks? -- you may wonder. 


OK -- because of where it clamps the disc, a front disc brake produces a very high force that tends to pull the hub out of the dropout. This force, alternating with weight load, can loosen the quick release bit by bit -- you may notice that the lever has rotated. Finally, the lever flips open and the brake yanks the wheel out-- in spite of any secondary retention devices ("lawyer tabs").   This problem comes on faster with an external-cam quick release! The switchover from slotted to through-axle forks represents a delayed response to this problem.  If your bicycle has a front disc brake and a fork with open-ended dropout slots, then at the very least, if the quick release has an external cam, replace it with one that has an enclosed cam (see comparison at  Also pay close and frequent attention to keeping the quick release good and tight. Shimano makes excellent ones, but when you buy one, also check for how far it opens!