Note that there are 12 candidates for 4 positions.


Ed Cheng

I am throwing in my hat into the ring to join the CRW Board - and hopefully, that hat won't be thrown back at me!
 Although I have been an intermittent member of CRW for years, my involvement since last year escalated, as bicycling became one of the few permissible social outlets during the pandemic.  I am grateful that CRW managed to organize group rides earlier than any other club in New England, and CRW's efforts provided me the opportunity to break the social isolation by riding with, and meeting other members.   I would like to give back to CRW.
I joined the Rides Committee at the beginning of this year, hoping to learn to be a Ride Leader and to learn the ropes of the committee. I'm still a bit dizzy from what happened next as I accidentally became the VP of Rides for CRW shortly thereafter.  Lucky for me, the former VP of Rides stayed on as did the other members of the committee (thanks, Mary, John, and Robyn. We have since added Megan and André G.) This year, we focused on: (1) Ride Leader training; (2) getting the club back to normal pre-pandemic levels of rides; and (3) making the club welcome to members of all experience and speeds. As a Board Member, I would be in a position to continue this work, normalizing CRW's activities after a profoundly abnormal time of social restrictions.  I believe that we have made substantial strides towards filling the rides calendar and reviving a lot of traditional CRW rides that could not take place last year.  The work continues. In addition, CRW made many changes to its programming this year, adding Development, Gravel, Adventure, and Women's rides.  As a Board Member, I would work on strengthening these new programs and ensuring that they are well organized and continue to attract riders. 
 I can't resist making this pitch, but I organize the occasional Lexington (Social) Revolutions ride.  If you can, join us, as we have groups for all different abilities and a distinct social mindset.


Doug Cornelius

I remember my first CRW Climb to the Clouds ride in 2005. I didn’t think I was going to make it. With the encouragement of CRW riders around me, I did finish. That was also the year of my first Pan Mass Challenge ride. I appreciate the long history of CRW and its great collection of regular rides and routes. I also really enjoy the new rides and programs which have helped me fill the void of not riding my regular bike commute during the pandemic. I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends and riding companions. I’d like to continue giving back to CRW.


I’m currently working with CRW’s century committee to help plan the Cranberry Harvest Century. Earlier this year, I worked with the board’s governance committee on its governance review. I’m also a ride leader and my most recent ride was the new “How About Them Apples”
route. I’ve been active with the Devo program and was the first winner of the highly coveted CRW-Devo polka-dot socks.


I’ve served on several non-profit boards and local government commissions, so I have a wealth of experience with governance and service. I’m currently on the board of MassBike. I’d like to find ways to harness the advocacy and education of MassBike with the recreational cycling of CRW to get more people cycling, make cycling safer, and have more people cycling with joy.


Erik D’Entremont 

I am Erik D’Entremont a CRW member since 2017 when I rode my first century with friends with the CRW to New Hampshire and back. Since then I have enjoyed the new friendships of  CRW members on great rides like the Climbs to the clouds, Harvest Century and many others. This year I became a ride lead for CRW, leading many rides including Hyannis to Provincetown 62 mile tour that started with a train ride and ended with a ferry back to Boston. I have enjoyed leading multiple rides with CRW and meeting new members each year. The CRW ride lead program has grown with so many great options and I look forward to more.


I also have participated in the PMC as a rider, and the MS CCG continue riding with CRW as an active triathlete Training for CT half Iron, Patriothalf, Lobsterman and Boston Tri, taking first place in men’s over all Agua Bike.


I would like to continue my passion with cycling on the encouragement of the current CRW president, Rami and many other CRW board and CRW members. As a board member I would contribute to the legacy of CRW with the traditions of CRW members, governance and momentum from the current board. I would also enjoy the contributing to expanding the ride offerings for all cycling enthusiasts. I would also advocate membership diversity and inclusion with membership growth and guided evolution of CRW. Please consider me as your next board member. Lets Ride!



Harriet Fell

I have been a member of the CRW since 1976 and joined right after I was one of the first Americans to complete the 1200 kilometer Paris-Brest Paris event.  I was active in the club in the late 70s and early 80s, often leading rides with my late husband Sheldon Brown.  For the past 6 years, I’ve come back to cycling (over 5,000 miles a year) and have increased my volunteer activities, working on many club events including centuries and intro rides.  In 2018, I was thrilled to receive the CRW Volunteer Award for my work on CRW Centuries over a period of many years.  
Cycling has been very important in my life and I’d like to turn my focus to helping others enjoy it as much as I have. In joining the Board, I would like to encourage the club to become more family oriented and to bring a renewed focus to cycling safety issues, possibly running classes in local schools. I would like to offer some slower rides with ice-cream stops for people with babies on their bikes or with kid-back tandems or for preteen children riding solo as a way of attracting younger couples to the club.  Sheldon and I often brought our kids on club rides.  I am delighted to see so many new things happening in the CRW.  As a board member, I would work hard to help support  the new types of rides and social events that the club is now sponsoring.

André Gutiérrez Marty 

My name is André and I’m looking to support the club as a Board Director. I joined CRW in July 2020 and have since ridden about 3000 miles in great company. The club’s impact on me extends past the fantastic adventures on my bike to the lasting connections I’ve made off the saddle. I became inspired to give back to the membership by scheduling weekend rides, planning a multi-day adventure spanning Massachusetts, serving as a member of the rides committee, and leading the Hubs Program. I’m grateful that ~100 members have attended my rides and am optimistic that they’ve all formed meaningful connections like the ones that I treasure now. Having enjoyed rides as a member and planned rides as a ride leader, I now hope to support both members and ride leaders by serving on the board. 


My experience volunteering for the rides committee, leading rides, and now managing the club’s RidewGPS account shows my commitment to the club and will inform my strategy on the board. I look forward to advancing the club’s mission to connect cyclists of the greater Boston area through fun and recurring rides, unique adventures, and new initiatives. I’m excited to continue growing the Hubs program with the goal of reducing financial and logistical barriers to ride participation for Boston-based members, helping our club be a more inclusive community. As a Board Director I will invest in the club membership to increase spontaneous and meaningful connections that lead to great riding across New England.


Harold Hatch

I have been a member of CRW since I began cycling in 2015. Since then I’ve enjoyed all the club has to offer including century rides, adventure travel, and exploring local roads through CRW’s substantial route collection. In wanting to give back more to the club this year I started leading my own rides, which posed unique challenges in 2021. Early this year I joined the COVID-19 committee to help set club policy to keep our rides safe during the pandemic. More recently I also joined the Century Committee and have helped to plan the Cranberry Century, one of our major events this year. I’ve gotten to meet many new people who enjoy cycling as much as I do, and it’s been great to push each other to new limits in a fun and friendly atmosphere. While I’ve met many CRW members this year, I know it’s only a fraction of the 2,500+ club members. I hope to continue to get to know more of you, and to learn what you love about cycling. Cycling means many different things to different people and I want to hear from more members about what’s important to them. I would like to help members build programs based on their own interests, which may not be well represented currently. One area I’m particularly interested in working on this winter is expanding our virtual rides program. I hope to convince those skeptical that indoor riding can actually be fun, social, and good for fitness.


Martin Hayes

Hi, I’m Martin Hayes and I am running for the board.  I began cycling in 2019 to prepare for the Pan-Mass Challenge and have been on my bike ever since. I was introduced to CRW as part of the DEVO climbing challenge this winter and within a couple of months, I was leading rides on hilly new routes like the Mirror Century and Century in the Shade.  Since the spring I’ve created a collection of 12 new routes out of Pepperell, adding many scenic rides extending into southern New Hampshire. 

As a member of the board, I would like to champion the growth of CRW’s presence on virtual cycling platforms such as Zwift, Sufferfest, and RGT.  I would probably not be a part of CRW had it not been for the virtual riding options offered last winter, so I appreciate the value of greater online visibility for recruiting new members and extending the camaraderie we all love about CRW throughout the year.   

This is a large and diverse club with a terrific history, and I’d like to help us continue growing as a club where members can share their passion for cycling year-round.  


Amy Juodawlkis

I started cycling in Atlanta in the 1990’s, where I learned to out-sprint porch dogs and got caught in thunderstorms of biblical proportions. Back in MA, my riding suffered due to family commitments and injury. I’ve gotten my cycling mojo back... and a gravel bike that is making my road bike jealous.

I joined CRW in 2020. My first ride was a women’s ride. I was thrilled to find it so welcoming and friendly. In June 2021, I became a ride leader. I currently lead two weekly rides (Praline Croissant and Battle Road Gravel). I am an active volunteer for the club as the Gravel Program Leader, as a member of the Women’s Program Committee, and for the October Century. I also manage the CRW sock and water bottle swag inventory.

I love that the social aspect of cycling is front-and-center in CRW, and I am gratified that the Battle Road ride is a favorite for midweek socializing. Going forward, I want to create and lead rides that encourage socializing on and off the bike, expand mixed-terrain options, and introduce ‘gritty city’ rides to the calendar.

For a club, communication is so important. If elected to the Board, I would work towards getting more members on Slack, because it has been invaluable to me as a new member . I would also work to bring in members of all riding levels, and to show them just how friendly a bike club can be.

PS : Juodawlkis is pronounced ja-DOLL-kiss




Larry Kernan

I’m very happy to run for the CRW Board once again.  I have been very involved with CRW activities and leadership for many years:

  Member of CRW since 1995
  Board Member – 2018 – 2020 and currently as Past President
  President of CRW – 2019 – 2020.  For a synopsis of my term, please see President's Message - Dec 2020
  CRW Treasurer – 2017 and 2018
  Century Coordinator Chairman – 2017 – 2019
  Ride Leader – many years
As I look back at my two years as CRW President, I am astounded by how different the two terms were.  2019 was incredibly successful, with fantastic centuries and a packed ride calendar. And then came 2020 – the year of Covid-19. We shut down our rides program and cancelled our centuries. Despite that, CRW volunteers stepped up to keep the club relevant. It was my pleasure to serve CRW, a club I truly cherish. I am indebted to our Board, the Ride Leaders and all the many CRW Volunteers who not only made the club function but flourish.

I look forward to continuing my involvement with CRW’s leadership.  My goal is to continue CRW’s great tradition of excellence as the premier road (and now, gravel) club in New England.  I want CRW to be welcoming to all riders and to make CRW events fun and exciting.


Richard Levine

I have been a CRW member for 20 years. I have been active in the club. In the past I’ve been a CRW board member, a member of the Finance Committee, and the VP of Finance. I am a regular on the weekend and many of the recurring rides. A goal of mine would be working with the Rides Committee to help revitalize the weekend ride program.  One thing I would bring to the CRW board would be an institutional knowledge of CRW’s history and how it should be run.


I get a lot out of being a CRW member and feel that volunteering my time will help the club continue to run well into the future.







Eli Post 

I have been involved in managing the Club for many years. I am currently a board member, ran the ride program for several years, led multiple rides, was century chair, was a major contributor to WheelPeople and served as President. Most recently I am serving as Editor of WheelPeople.  I believe I’ve helped make rides a more satisfying experience and CRW a better club. I wish to continue my service if re-elected to the board. The Club faces several challenges in the years ahead as it transitions from the limitations imposed by Covid, and I feel my experience will help facilitate that transition.





















Emily Vigeant

This time last year my longest ride was 16 miles. I started cycling during the pandemic on a borrowed mountain bike. No goals. No gear beyond a helmet and one water bottle. By the time I joined CRW, my longest ride was 50 miles, I’d completed a 270-mile solo tour, and I finally bought a road bike and basic gear. But CRW will always be where I really became a cyclist.

My first CRW ride was a 30-miler last March. Since then, I’ve logged over 5,000 miles, ~80% of them with CRW. Before March, I only rode solo. I couldn’t imagine keeping up with real cyclists.

I’ve heard this fear countless times since joining CRW. Fortunately, our club has many members who go out of their way to help other riders. They provide opportunities, encouragement, advice, and connections that turn hesitant newbies into lifelong cyclists.

With CRW support, I completed my first of many metric and imperial centuries, participated in and led adventures and sufferfests across New England, started a series of 5 am rides for early risers, and began co-leading our adventure program. None of this was planned. It happened because of members who were inclusive, volunteering their time and knowledge to welcome me while also making me a better cyclist.

Not everyone wants to bikepack or ride sufferfests like me. But we’re all here looking for something we can’t provide ourselves.


I’d like to be elected to the board to help create and maintain opportunities for others to make the most of their riding, whatever that means for them.