Bike Handling Skills

John Allen

Bike handling skills never go out of date. Now is as good a time as any to practice -- maybe better - as you get to spend more time riding alone. Big parking lots at educational institutions are empty and offer plenty of room to practice. (Well, if a family with kids has occupied a parking lot, as it happening these days, you might want to move on, or talk at social distance to work out an arrangement to share the space. You don't actually want to have to use bike handling skills to avoid one of the kids!) Here's an article by Bob Zogg and the Safety Committee from 2005 that covers the topic. The full article is here

We have an update for the last paragraph on "Taking a Course"

Taking a Course: There’s nothing like coaching from a skilled instructor with plenty of concentrated practice to really nail these skills. Unfortunately, in-person courses are on hold for now, but you can find good advice on the Web sites of the League of American Bicyclists and CyclingSavvy. (, Massbike has a page with dates pending, too, .