August Updates

WheelPeople Editors

Diversity Rides - In August there will be a ride honoring Kittie Knox.  Ms. Knox was a bicycle racer and the first African American to be accepted into the League of American Wheelmen.


Adventure Rides. Several Adventure Rides have been arranged. Adventure Rides Launched at CRW | Charles River Wheelers


Google Tilt - In July we ran an article about a new Ride With GPS feature call Google Tilt. It turns out the feature is only available in the planning mode, not while riding or viewing a completed route. We thank Tom Fortmann for doing the research. He reports that " it works in New York City, Boston, and Lexington.  Continuing west, it stops working at approximately Hanscom Field.  Going north it keeps working up to the Merrimack River and northeast from there to the New Hampshire line.  South from Boston, it works as far as Brockton."






Amazon Smile If you have an Amazon Prime account please look into making CRW your charity. Details here