April Film Festival

Alex Post


There's nothing better than getting out for a ride, but on a rest day a video can almost take us there. Enjoy our monthly virtual film fest.

Self Driving Bicycles
Of all the bicycle innovations we've seen, self driving bicycles developed by Google may prove to be the most impressive. The applications have numerous possibilities, including the potential for commuters to do some work while in transit, read the paper, or binge watch some Netflix. 2 Mins.
Sharing The Road
Cycling Lake Tahoe
As one of the more scenic areas in the country, Lake Tahoe offers a fantastic 72 mile loop ride around it's entirety. It comes with spectacular views, and with a vertical of 4,000 feet, some sore quads to match. 4 Mins.



Alex Post is a CRW member who lives in Virginia, but regularly visits MA to bike with his dad. He has also led rides for CRW.