Adventure Rides Launched at CRW

Steve Carlson


As many of you have heard by now, CRW is kicking off several new ride products.  As Rami Haddad, the CRW President, has explained in the past WheelPeople articles, we have a diverse club with different riding styles, strengths, and expectations for a variety of bicycle experiences. 


Adventure Riding is one of these products and is defined by the club as a ride that encompasses one or more overnight stays.  The rides will include interesting destinations, and likely involve routes and roads you have never done.   There is one goal…to have fun and create everlasting memories!

The Adventures will be defined and fully developed by a subset of our ride leaders and will fall into one of three categories:

      • One Way: e.g. bike ride-overnight-train/bus home
      • Loop: same beginning/end point w/overnight(s)
      • Hub and Spoke:  base camp with multiple day trips.


The results of our club survey suggest a very high level of interest for these types of rides and I certainly can understand why!


New England offers beautiful riding opportunities and here is a chance to do some great Adventure Rides without paying a third party.  We can offer these rides with our ride experts on a low budget, non-profit basis.   There will be no cost to register and you will have some comfort knowing that your club insurance still has you covered in the unlikely event of accident.


Our formal kick-off was a Zoom meeting with potential leaders on February 10th.  There was a high level of interest and an engaging conversation!   With a club goal of holding 4 to 5 trips this riding season, I am delighted to report we already have some really cool stuff planned.   BTW, planning is cool…COVID is not cool, so of course… all Adventures will abide by government travel and gathering limit recommendations.


So what are those preliminary plans you ask?


To whet your appetite, imagine participating in: Bostreal, ~300 mile ride from Boston to Montreal;  A road ride from Providence, RI to New York City, NY; A wonderful and challenging Tri-State Gravel Traverse (VT-NH-ME) with a Montreal Option; Bristol Bike Way Excursion along the Coast; or A Northern Seaboard Ride including Kittery and Kennebunk; or maybe a rustic overnight bike packing excusion in beautiful Vermont


These rides are for absolutely everyone in the club.  Some are social and challenging, others are social and a bit less challenging.  But all have the same common theme, to have fun doing what you love and doing it with people who love what you are doing!


All rides will be posted on our ride calendar.  Initially we will post them as preliminary to help you plan your summer.  As the time draws closer, we will open up member registration.  If you want to go, I would advise you not to delay in registration.  These will be small events to capture the camaraderie of ten to twelve people and I suspect the slots will fill up fast.


Prior to registration, members will have a good idea of the route, the expected mileage and pace, as well as, the cost of the trip (primarily for lodging and food).


If you are interested in leading an event, I encourage you to please call me or email me as soon as you are able…my cell is 781.290.7818 or email me at scarw01 [at]


Looking forward to springtime and doing a few of these with you!



So excited about what you are planning - can't wait to see what develops!