Adventure Riders Take-On New York City!

Eli Post


Adventure Rides is a new CRW ride program which has taken off due to the invention and hard work by Steve Carlson. What better way to look at what’s happening with Adventure Rides, than to report on one of the events.

On May 21-23 the Adventure Ride group organized a trip to New York City. We will briefly describe it so you can see the care and imagination that went into the planning and execution of the trip. The group took commuter rail to Providence, then biked the 100 miles to Hartford (stayed overnight), biked another 36 miles to New Haven and then took the commuter rail to NYC. In the Big Apple they took in must-see sights of the Charging Bull, the Fearless Girl and the 911 Memorial while riding bike paths and along city bike lanes.  Bright and early on Sunday they biked in Central Park and climbed Bear Mountain. There were 14 riders plus two ride leaders (Steve Carlson and Rami Haddad). The estimate cost for the 3 days / 2 nights was approximately $300.

The Fearless Girl in bronze joined the photo shoot, but was not on the trip nor any of the rides!

Let’s hear what the riders had to say:

"Fantastic at all levels. Great team and great leaders."

"Great group, great rides.  Broken spoke and another flat on my tour de Manhattan today."

"What an amazing adventure!"

"Fantastic at all levels. Great team and great leaders. It was great to put in so many epic rides with such a good group, and get to meet many CRW members off the saddle."

And the ride leaders also had a say:

"I never had any part in making this trip fun. I believe it is always the participants, positive attitude, fun spirit, love of the adventure that make these trips. And whatever positive contribution the leaders made, then I credit that to my good partner Steve"

"Rami, aww you are the best adventure partner!  Love the enthusiasm and all the help you gave me! You riders were the best! Enjoyed riding with each of you and meeting you. You set a high bar!"


There is still time to join, and create an adventure of your own. A report on the status and availablity of other Adventure Rides is included in the Update article in this edition.


There are a lot of interesting photos from the trip. Steve made a collage to give you a sense of the riding, and adventure the group encountered.







Took the commuter train from New Haven to NYC????? You missed some of the best riding of the trip. I lived in NYC for 30 years and have done that ride often. It's not very taxing but there is some GREAT riding, both along Long Island Sound and in NYC and, no, the riding is NYC is not super dangerous - most of it would be in parks. Let me know if you plan to do this again and I'll provide a much better alternative.
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Check out my video of the trip to take a glimpse into the great fun we had on magnificent roads and paths: