2022 Election Results

John O'Dowd

To: CRW Members

I am reporting the results of the CRW Board election, which was complete as of October 6, 2022. The final vote count is:

Erik D’Entremont 219
Barbara Jacobs     249
Amy Juodawikis     275
Mark Nadone     242
Eli Post     234

Congratulations to the candidates: Amy, Barbara,and Mark earned 3-year terms, and are the newly elected Board members for the term beginning on January 1, 2023. Eli and Eric fill out remaining terms. 

Note that the CRW bylaws provide that “The Secretary shall also approve the process and execution of the annual general election of the Board and for any other elections.” and I am posting these election results accordingly.


The CRW Board appreciates all those who expressed their views and voted.

Respectfully submitted,
John O'Dowd
CRW Board Secretary