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We have Board & President positions to fill.


A. Board schedule:

i. 20 September 2021: last day to submit Board nomination & statement of 250 words

ii. 1–15 October 2021: members vote for Board positions


B. President schedule:

i. 30 October 2021: last day to submit President nomination & statement of 250 words

ii. 9 November 2021 19:00: new Board members elect President



A. Send all nominations to nominate [at] crw.org

  • Board by 20 September 2021
  • President by 30 October 2021

B. Contact any current Board member to learn about their duties, activities, & responsibilities: https://www.crw.org/contacts

C. Examples of candidate profiles from last year at https://www.crw.org/content/crw-votes-2020


These procedures are part of detailed nomination procedures that the Board approved on 30 August 2021.



A. Role

CRW Directors set the strategic agenda for our club. The Board sets policy for club finances, rides, & donations. It appoints volunteers to fill important club officer positions & directs our activities with advocacy groups.


A great Director is someone who has been actively involved with the club & understands not only our history and traditions but has a vision for the future & is willing to help advocate and implement the changes necessary to move us forward.


Each year, CRW members elect 3 directors for a 3 year term. A director is allowed to serve no more than two consecutive 3 year terms.


Board of Directors meetings are held every one or two months, depending on topics to discuss. One of those meetings is anticipated to be an all-day planning meeting.


B. Procedures

The Election of Directors shall be by electronic ballot transmitted to all members. Votes of all members shall be confidential. Voting shall be allowed 1–15 October 2021. The Secretary shall verify & publish the results no later than 30 October 2021. The names of the newly elected Directors will appear in the November WheelPeople.


For vacancies that become available after elections start, we follow the by-laws III.5.a procedures after position becomes vacant.



The new Board members will attend the November CRW Board Meeting. At this meeting, all Directors who will serve during 2022 will elect the CRW President who will start on 1 January 2022.


The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation and shall report to the Board of Directors (Board). The President shall also be the Chairperson of the Board and have the rights and duties of a member of the Board.


The President shall have supervisory authority over the activities of the CRW. The President shall appoint and organize all of the officers for the duration of the President’s term; shall establish any committees and coordinators deemed necessary; and shall delegate to them such authority as the President shall see fit, all with Board approval.


The President shall be an ex officio member and may be active on all CRW committees. The President shall propose the fiscal budget, operational plan, appointments, and committee structure to the Board at the first meeting of the year. The Board shall approve these proposals, with the possibility of negotiation, no later than the second Board meeting of any calendar year.


Following the approval of the annual plan, the President, with Board approval, may alter or abolish any component thereof not protected by these Bylaws that is no longer necessary to the CRW.