2021 Cranberry Harvest Century

Doug Cornelius


CRW was hoping to get back to normal with the Cranberry Harvest ride. It had been two years since the club had a century ride. The Century Committee put in many hours to make the 2021 edition special and welcome back members to one of the club’s biggest in-person events. Despite working with the town for months, Middleboro declined to grant us the permit because of the “inconvenience this recreational and self-serving event places on the citizens, taxpayers, and voters of Middleboro.


With less than two weeks until the ride date, we scrambled, put together new routes, and figured out new logistics. We crossed our fingers, hoping for good weather and colorful cranberry bogs.


Myles Standish park personnel were welcoming to the ride. They provided the staging and parking for the ride. The Mattapoisett Harbormaster was happy to have us use the town wharf with its spectacular water views.


Photos by Steve Carlson


We got great weather, but we got only a handful of cranberry bogs being harvested. If you looked closely you may have seen some of the trucks hauling the harvested cranberries to the Ocean Spray processing plant.


Photo by Doug Cornelius

Several hundred riders still came for the re-planned ride. We purposefully put one of the starting locations at a train station so riders wouldn’t need a car to get to the ride. From our counts, it looked like half the riders started in Kingston for the century ride and half started in Myles in Standish for the metric century.


Photo by Andre Wolff

There were plenty of cranberry bogs that were ready for harvesting. You may have noticed the ripe berries on the bushes and the flags marking the infrastructure. It looks like most riders noticed the cranberry bog being harvested just a few miles from the return to Myles Standish. We saw lots of this picture replicated by other riders.


Photo by Harold Hatch

Thanks to all the volunteers and riders who came out for the day.


We will have a lot of work to do for the 2022 edition of the ride with Middleboro out of the picture for future events. Please send us any feedback on the routes, rest stops, or anything else about the ride. century [at] crw.org ( )


2021 Cranberry Century Committee:Randall, Steve, Rami, André, Harold, Doug, Kara, Kevin



jean-claude_castelein's picture

A nice start place would be at A.D.Makepeace in Wareham. Proper parking space.
paul.fischer3@gmail.com's picture

Great job given the circumstances, aid stops were great and team was super friendly, thanks for organizing a great century!
paul.fischer3@gmail.com's picture

Course was fast, we hit a 21+ average so many thanks!