Board of Directors

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Board Members

Member Term Expires Phone (Steve Carlson) 2023 781-290-7818 (Rami Haddad) 2023 857-288-8571 (Mary Kernan) 2022 781-860-0500 (Lisa Najavits) 2021 617-299-1620 (John O'Dowd) 2022 978-897-3973 (Eli Post) 2021 617-306-1838 (Randolph Williams) 2023 781-333-8356 (Amy Wilson) 2022 617-797-1967 (André Wolff) 2021 857-320-9274

Past President

larry.kernan [at] (Larry Kernan) 2021 339-234-0404
Past President is a voting member of the Board for a year.


Address written correspondence to:
The Charles River Wheelers
40 Wilson Road
Bedford, MA 01730

Officers and Coordinators

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Position Member Phone
Secretary (John O'Dowd) 978-760-4705
Vice President of Rides (Edward Cheng) 617-309-9642
Vice President of Diversity (Rudge McKenney) 617-332-6242
Vice President of Legal Affairs (Butch Pemstein) 617-969-6574
President (Rami Haddad) 857-288-8571
Vice President of Finance (Amy Wilson) 617-797-1967
Executive Vice President (André Wolff) 857-320-9274
Treasurer (Amy Wilson) 617-797-1967


Position Member Phone
Safety Coordinator (John Allen) 781-856-4058
Membership Coordinator (Barry Nelson) 617-448-5150
Social (Eli Post) 617-306-1838

Ride Program Coordinators

Position Member Phone
Gravel Rides (Rami Haddad) 857-288-8571
Hub Rides (Randolph Williams) 781-333-8356
Development Group Coordinator (André Wolff) 857-320-9274
Women Rides (Kamila Khan) 617-583-0163
Diversity Rides (Rudge McKenney) 617-332-6242
Adventure Rides (Steve Carlson) 781-290-7818
Century Committee (Steve Carlson) 781-290-7818

Recurring Ride Coordinators

Position Member Phone
Thursday Fitness Rides (Kathy Horvath) 781-405-5480
Wednesday Night Ice Cream Ride (Roger Bonomi) 627-686-4073
Thursday Morning Fun Ride (Wayne Douglas) 508-588-5576
Wednesday Night Ice Cream Ride (Gabor Demjen) 617-455-2344
Friday Rides (Alan Cooney) 617-293-2244
Hanson Sunday Winter Ride (Mike Togo) 781-878-5445
South Shore Coastal Loop (Andrew Brand) 617-398-7759
Bike Thursday (Barbara Jacobs) 617-852-5710
Wednesday Night Ice Cream Ride (Rudge McKenney) 617-332-6242
Wednesday Wheelers (Helen Greitzer) 508-878-6988

WheelPeople Staff

Position Member Phone
Editor (Eli Post) 617-306-1838

Internet Staff

Position Member Phone
Google Group E-mail list (Larry Kernan) 339-234-0404
Webmaster (Jack Donohue) 781-879-9523