President's Mid- Term Report

Rami Haddad



The photo is from a ride on Cape Cod, Sunday 13 June 2021, near Highland lighthouse


The easy part at the beginning of my term in January 2021 was to set the agenda for the year, published in Wheel People

Much of it focused on connecting with our members to build a strong community.


And for the most part, energetic and active members of this club far exceeded my expectations. They are the creative energy behind our programs, the inspiration for other members to join, and the source of new leadership.


How are we doing toward the goals I aspired to at the beginning of the year? I grade each.



Everywhere I look on our social media channels, the numbers are decisively in a positive trend. More members connect daily than ever. They work together to share ideas, coordinate rides, and build a friendly community.


When I hosted the Climb to the Clouds rest stop on 5 June 2021, some 54 members stopped by, and I recognized probably 50 of them. Not because we had met before in person. Rather, because I have interacted with them virtually during COVID year on our social media channels.


I have also been fortunate to enjoy company of many members on the adventure trip to NYC, tour of Cape Cod, ice cream in Boston, T-time from Alewife, Devo challenges of Mighty Squirrel, and local Rooster rides.



Club membership is more dynamic than ever. I regularly receive encouraging comments about obvious presence of diverse community on most of our rides this year, supported by diverse set of ride programs:


  • Alewife & Boston hub rides already taking strong hold with active participation
  • Cultural celebrations for Diwali, International Women’s Day, historical tours, Major Taylor, & others
  • Support styles of riding for Adventure travel, performance oriented Devo, Women-only, gravel, social "party" pace, & many others


Meanwhile, we have failed to support new diverse volunteers to climb the leadership ladder. Suddenly there is extra scrutiny about unwritten qualifications for volunteers that do not belong to the inner circle. That will not be healthy for longevity of the club nor its support for the needs of our diverse community.


I encourage members to apply for leadership positions. You can probably do better than me. Step forward. This is your club. Contact André Wolff, Executive Vice President, to learn more at evp [at]



We started several programs to award members on Climbing Challenge, social media posts, ride challenges, and matching donation programs. More programs are coming during the entire year, with custom club gear as awards.


We need to introduce similar programs for leaders: awards and social events. Our leaders are the cornerstone for all our rides. We need to work closely with them to keep a full calendar while we develop incentives that keep them excited to volunteer.



We launched many program ideas at the beginning of the year. More than half of them are working well, enjoyed by members, and believe will continue improving. And as the saying goes, you only need to win 51% of the bets you make. Granted not all of them are working perfectly—changing the logo was one humble example. But that is not the point. Rather, we have done well in learning from mistakes made and adjusting accordingly.



This was mostly self-assessment, prone to bias. I ask members to send me their feedback about how we are doing to president [at]



Rami رامي 拉美



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Great report, Rami. Keep up the good work!