What is your one favorite gravel route?

Share your one favorite gravel route that we should include in the library in the comments below. Include link to Ride with GPS, Komoot, or your favorite route tool. Join the conversation on Slack #gravel channel.


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Rick Carlson's picture

This gravel ride was fantastic, especially during fall foliage time!

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Often technical adventure ride, only 1.5 miles of pavement out of a total of almost 22, can be done on an adventure bike, although some may prefer MTB. Includes several long climbs, sometimes steep, and some steep descents. Food options at the start and turnaround. Can also be ridden from the Market Basket end in Waltham.


The good news is near my home in Boston. Bad news would need to walk the 13+% grade for about 0.6 miles in Prospect Park. Looks more like mountain bike territory to a road bike guy (new to gravel) like me.
Thanks for posting!!
What bike and tires do you use on this type of route?

Jeff: Could this be done on 32 mm tires?