CRW Winter Ride Challenge

Steve Carlson

In this issue we are announcing two winter ride programs. This one starts in January and runs through March.

It is that time of the year where you think about what you will be doing during hibernation for the next 3-4 months.  In New England, it certainly is not too hard to convince yourself to stay hunkered down, stay warm and consume countless calories while exerting minimal effort clicking the remote.

Fear not, CRW has good news!  You will have an alternative by registering for our first ever Winter Ride Challenge!  The concept is simple…this is a virtual challenge where you will ride as many miles as possible, between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021. 

You will monitor your progress and your standing against others and we will see who has the legs, layering techniques and mental toughness to churn out the miles!  Bragging rights are given, but with CRW, there is always the possibility of a prize or two. 

I realize we have a contingent of Zwift/Peloton weenies who refuse to ride in the cold (easy..I am just kidding; I am  jealous because I don’t have one).   You certainly will be allowed to participate as we will have two waves; road riders and trainers.  The catch is the miles cannot be combined or co-mingled, and you must choose one wave or the other to keep the categories pure.

Did I mention a free shirt to the first 100 registrants*??  Yes, that’s right and look at this beauty which you can proudly wear for taking on this challenge!

  *Must ride a minimum of 150 miles to qualify for the shirt and
you must be a club member to participate. Join today at $15 for two years.





You will be guided for links to enter your rides once the challenge begins…it’s all on the honor system, so be fair so we can get a good look at all the fun, sweat and tears!  Ride safely, be COVID safe and see you on the road (or basement?)!

Please register before December 31, 2020 by clicking HERE




Everett Briggs's picture

Looking forward to seeing the regular hearty folks and hopefully some new faces out there this winter.

Happy Birthday Everett!

How do we know if we are one of the first 100 registrants?

Hi David, once the challenge is over, tee’s will be ordered and sent to riders who qualified. I will likely post the entire results including the sign up number in WheelPeople.