April Film Festival

Alex Post

We introduced bike related videos last month, received a positive reaction, and will make this a regular feature. We welcome any suggestions for future video selections.

A Roof With A View
Why limit yourself to cycling on the ground when rooftops have better views? Ok, there are some very good reasons why not. But this is no problem for Danny MacAskill, who is thoroughly enjoying the beautiful Canary Islands. 5 Mins
20,000 Miles a Year
Lael Wilcox, an ultra endurance cyclist from Anchorage Alaska, has a number of impressive accomplishments including a victory in the 4,400 mile Trans America bike race. She once rode 2,100 miles through Canada just to get to a race start. She is in the process of riding every road in Alaska. All of which takes toughness, drive, and as you can see, a whole lot of joy. 5 Mins
Road Bike Party
All Martyn Ashton needs is his bike and the world is his playground. Many prefer their bike paths to be 12 feet wide. Martyn prefers something closer to two inches. 5 Mins
Memorable Moments in Racing
Professional racing requires not only supreme conditioning, but an adaptability to all manner of obstacles including unruly fans, nature calling, and of course an occasional cow crossing. 5 Mins



Alex Post is a CRW member who lives in Virginia, but regularly visits MA to bike with his dad. He has also led rides for CRW.



Alex -- thanks so much for contributing this article!