Winter Riding 101

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Have you thought about trying to ride in the winter but just aren't sure about equipment, clothing, hydration and more? Is winter riding really fun?

At first, it might seem to be a daunting activity—bundling yourself up to ride through winter snow, ice, rain or even just cooler temperatures.

But give it a chance. Too many cyclists hang up their bikes at the first sign of snowflakes, but they’re missing out. Here are 10 great reasons to ride in the winter:

  1. Your body is going to struggle to keep warm. You not only burn more calories riding in the cold, research shows that your body also learns to use oxygen much more efficiently. It’s true, I found this on the internet. Think what this will do for your VO2 Max.
  2. Yeah, we know you just set up your Zwift and you’re having a blast beating your friends, but really, riding inside just isn’t that much fun.
  3. You probably don’t realize it, but you may already have a lot of the gear you need, it just takes a little ingenuity. As an added benefit, if you don’t have what you need, this is a really good reason to buy more kit.
  4. Being properly attired, you may find that once you’re outside and pedaling, you really just aren’t that cold.
  5. Winter is a good time to get off the road and try some trail riding, even if it’s just the bike path. You’ll find that you’re not moving as quickly, you’re protected from the wind, and there aren’t nearly as many people in the way.
  6. After a fresh snow fall, everything looks better in the sun; you’ll never go out on a sunny ride wishing you’d stayed home.
  7. Coffee stops take on new meaning. You simply must stop for coffee so that you can warm up. And pastry. Pastry is critical for maintaining your energy stores and, since you’re riding, you can eat more pastry.
  8. You don’t need to do long rides and you don’t need to crush every ride you’re on. Winter is a good time to explore your quieter side, if you have one.
  9. With winter comes rain, snow, hail and all the other biblical weather conditions. Riding on partially icy roads can feel a bit dangerous but gracefully pulling out of a skid on black ice makes you feel like you’ve mastered the road.
  10. Bragging rights. When everyone else has hung up their bike for the winter, you can hold the high ground for a few months.

Convinced? Then join CRW and Ride Headquarters as we present the Winter Riding 101. We’ll have experienced cold weather cyclists sharing everything you need to know about equipment, clothing, hydration and more.  Cost is free and registration is required. Refreshments will be served and maybe this will be just what you need to get you out on the road this winter.

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January 6th, 2019 3:00 PM   through   5:00 PM
Ride Headquarters
11 South Main Street
Sherborn, MA 01770