CRW Memberships

Your membership payment is processed by PayPal.  You can pay either with a credit card or PayPal account. 


We will waive membership fee to those who cannot afford it—contact the Treasurer with such request.


After you receive payment confirmation, it may take up to a day for your membership to become active on the website. Until your new membership is active, you will NOT be able to login.


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Please read the CRW Release Form.

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Strava profile ID
Your Strava ID is a specific number assigned to your account when you register on Strava. Your ID can be found in the address bar when visiting your profile page in a web browser. To get to your Profile, log into the Strava website and click your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner or on the left-hand side. Then, look at the address bar of the browser for the number at the end of the URL. For example: