Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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Dover Climbing

May 31, 2022
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Natick Common

12 South Main St
Natick , MA

From Route 128, take Route 9 West approximately 6.5 miles to Route 27 south to the Natick Common. There is a parking lot next to Town Hall. The Common is two short blocks south of the Natick Center commuter rail station on the Framingham-Worcester line. Schedule is here: https://mbta.com/schedules/CR-Worcester/timetable

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CRW "Devo" for Development for all riders who want to improve their performance, skills and enjoyment of cycling. This is a chance to learn and work on climbing on the gorgeous roads of Dover. Groups are divided into 4-8 riders by average pace which ranges from 13 to 22+ mph.

Short stretch to get the legs warm before the first climb up Union and then a descent through South Natick and onto Pleasant. Left at the top to descend onto Claybrook and a chance to get some real warmth in the legs with rolling hills. A couple of turns brings us onto Dedham and towards our first repeat chance on Strawberry Hill 3x or 5x - Your choice!. Then we take the Wilsondale rollercoaster, but turn right before the end to climb up to the Skyline loop. Right again onto Summer and a steady climb before turning into some rollers. Watch for the speedbumps here, you can pass them on the right and the blacktop is smooth! Right onto Dover for a short stretch, before a quick surprise climb up High Rock and Cedar. This loops us back to Dover and its rolling hills, before feeding into Powisett. A right turn onto Walpole and through Dover Center, here comes the moneymaker! A careful cross of Main and we are onto Pegan Hill, do you have a three-peat in you? Take your breath and we descend again before heading left onto Main Street and some gentle hills. We are back in South Natick and we hook left onto Eliot for a short stretch. Thought you were done? Nope! Farm Hill Road awaits, the last of our leg busters! Empty your tank and enjoy the last descent down into Natick and the all important Ice Cream stop! Enjoy! You earned it!.

Cancellation due to poor weather is posted before 4:30 PM.

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