Monday, May 30, 2022

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34.7 Gravel Breakheart to Marblehead

May 30, 2022
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Gene Ho (6176101875)
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Northeast Metro Tech

100 Hemlock Street
Wakefield , MA
  • Take Rt. 95 (128) to exit 58, Rt. 129 East.
  • Follow signs for Rt. 129 East for 1.5 miles to Wakefield center.
  • Follow Rt. 129 East as it turns left.
  • Go approximately 1 mile past Wakefield center.
  • Turn right onto Farm Street, go past Wakefield High School
  • Turn left on Hemlock Rd follow sign to NE Metro Tech HS

The nearest commuter rail stop is Wakefield, on the Haverhill line. From the station, go south and east on North Street and Nahant Street to the High School. Distance is about 2.2 mi.  Train schedule is here: https://mbta.com/schedules/CR-Haverhill/timetable

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Starting at the Wakefield Northeast Metro Tech parking lot we'll ride into the Breakheart reservation and several other woodsy areas en-route to Marblehead.  There'll be a mix of trails, gravel roads, and rail trails, both paved and otherwise.  You'll want a gravel bike.  Though not a techy route, it's a rough ride on a road bike on the reservation roads.  Lots of places to eat.  Jave Sun at mile 20 is on the route and has outdoor seating.  The route is a potpourri of dirt roads and tourist schlock so bike it with that in mind.  If mud, blood, and the ICU are your shtick, we'll have other rides to satisfy your need to bleed.  Pay attention to the 2 pictures.  They show the critical landmarks for not getting lost in the Breakheart reservation.  

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