Volunteering for CRW

                    So you want to volunteer but are afraid to bite off more than you can chew? You can read about your potential job under "Job Descriptions" below and find out that it's not so scary after all.  Then, when you figure out what you'd like to do, you can contact the appropriate person, listed under "Who can I talk to."

Job Descriptions

* Open Positions

Rides Program

New Volunteer Positions for the Rides Program

*Ride Leader Mentor

Have you been leading rides for a while and are willing to help someone else get started? Mentoring a new ride leader is a great way to share your knowledge. You'll be asked to walk someone through the process of creating and running a ride, and also serving as co-leader on that ride. Even if you can only do this once, your help would be greatly appreciated.

*Arrowing Team

Release your inner Picasso! Traditionally, CRW Sunday rides, from May - October, are arrowed. Arrows allow for easy navigation for riders but are a tremendous amount of work for a ride leader. Routes can't be arrowed too far in advance of a ride, as new pavement, construction, etc., can easily wipe away paint and the route must be revisited if a leader plans to run a ride more than once.  Some leaders will arrow a ride themselves, but a team of 3 is the most efficient. Arrowing can sometimes require multiple trips, as a ride that offers several distances can't always be covered in one arrowing ride.

As a member of our arrowing team, you might be asked by a ride leader to help them arrow a specific route or part of a route. A ride leader might simply want someone who can check a previous set of arrows to make sure they're still in place. Once you're comfortable, you may even lead a team yourself and arrow a route on behalf of a leader.  This position is very flexible and we'll provide the training.


  • Time Commitment - Arrowing a ride takes several hours. Scheduling happens at the convenience of those arrowing. 
  • Location - This will depend on the ride. You can choose only to help on routes that are close to where you live or you may be asked to drive to a specific start location.
  • Skills - You need to be comfortable riding on the road, in traffic, making frequent stops.
  • Duration - We ask that you try one training/arrowing ride before deciding if this is a good fit. 

*Website Content Manager for Ride Program

Our website and social media (Facebook / Meetups) are our primary source of information for our riders and our ride leaders. We're looking for a volunteer who has a general idea of how the club works and how rides are organized. Working with the VP of Rides, you'll be asked to help review and update the CRW and social media websites content and add new content as well.

  • Time Commitment - This job will take a few hours a month.
  • Location - You can work from anywhere that has Internet access.
  • Skills - A basic understanding of website editing is required for this position. Knowledge of drupal is even better. 
  • Duration - Please commit to working for one year. 


*'Adopt a Route' Owner

Do you love to participate in CRW rides but have no interest in becoming a ride leader? Perhaps you would like to adopt a route. The club has a select number of beloved routes that are run on a regular basis. Perhaps you have one of your own that you think is just great. When you adopt a route, you agree to arrow it at the beginning of the season and refresh the arrows as necessary, make sure the GPS route and cue sheet are up to date, and be available to ride leaders who would like to use your route to answer any questions they might have. We'll also ask you to work with our Website Content Manager to capture any information regarding permission to use ride start locations, specially arrowing requirements in specific towns, etc.

  • Time Commitment - You'll need to devote several hours in the spring to arrow your route. Periodic checks during the season may be necessary.
  • Location - You can adopt a route anywhere you'd like. It would be most convenient for you if it were near your home or one that you often ride.
  • Skills - You need to be comfortable riding on the road, in traffic, making frequent stops. We'll teach you how to arrow. You'll also need a basic knowledge of how to edit routes in Ride with GPS; training is available.
  • Duration - Please commit to owning a route for one season (May - October).


*Social Butterfly

OK, I need a better name for this, but would you be interested in helping to set up some snacks and beverages to serve after a ride? We'll give you a budget and ask you to purchase food and drink and you'll be reimbursed for the expense. You can even join in the ride as long as the timing works (maybe you'll need to take the short route that day). The social table will be available at select rides and you can choose a date that works for you. This will also be a chance for you to encourage non-members to join the club and others to volunteer. We'll provide you with all the information you need.

  • Time Commitment - About an hour to shop at your convenience; about 90 minutes after a ride to set up serve and clean up.
  • Location - Will depend on the date of the ride, locations will vary.
  • Skills - We're looking for someone who is outgoing and likes to mingle.
  • Duration - You can do this for just one ride or maybe you'll have so much fun you'll want to do more.


*Ride Committee Member

The Rides Committee works to generate ideas and implement programs to support CRW rides. You'll be asked to participate in Rides Committee meetings and talk to ride leaders and club members to get their input, as well as providing your own, regarding ways that we can improve our rides program. You'll also be encouraged to help with the implementation of programs.

  • Time Commitment - This job will take a few hours a month for meetings. More time will be spent depending on the programs you decide to become involved with.
  • Location - Location is task dependent.
  • Skills - A basic understanding of the rides program, how the club works and the willingness to help generate ideas, be a point of contact for club members and ride leaders and lend some assistance with program implementation.
  • Duration - Please commit to working for one year. 

Vice-President of Rides

  • Responsible for maintaining the overall rides calendar and distributing updates.
  • Acts as Chair of Rides Committee.
  • Solicits ride leaders for the weekly rides and coordinators for the recurring rides and winter rides.
  • Ensures that all ride leaders receive/have access to Ride Leader guidelines, mail if necessary.
  • Schedules the Ride Leader party.
  • Attends the Board Meetings and reports Rides Program status.
  • Works with Rides Committee to determine what "gifts" ride leaders receive.
  • Address other ride leader issues as they occur (poor ride leader, dangerous rides, etc.)
  • Finds mentors for members interested in becoming leaders.
  • Answer queries regarding rides and the club.


*Ride Leaders

Ride leaders are the heart of CRW. They're the volunteers who organize all of our weekday and weekend rides and keep all of us pedaling throughout the year. Why be a ride leader?

  • You get to choose the route, the pace, and the food stops. This means that you get to share your favorite destinations and routes, ride at your preferred pace, and bring a lot of people to your favorite eateries.
  • You meet new people who share at least one of your interests. This expands your pool of potential riding partners (and friends), particularly folks who like to ride the same way you do.
  • You can inspire people, motivate and get them excited about bicycling. Ride leaders who lead regularly have countless tales of novices who can barely shift gears on their first ride but who blossom into avid cyclists by the end of a season.
  • You can exercise your creativity in finding a route, writing the ride description, designing the RwGPS route and creating the event.
  • You get to contribute something to the community.
  • Leading a ride makes you go riding yourself.
  • The club throws an annual party to thank our ride leaders and you get to participate in our centuries for free.
  • Other people have to call you “Leader.”

Century Committee Chair

  • Responsible for Spring and Fall century rides and Climb to the Clouds.
  • Delegates specific areas of responsibility to Century Committee members.
  • Schedules Century Committee meetings, typically 3-4 times a year.

*Century Committee Member

  • Plans and executes the Spring and Fall centuries and Climb to the Clouds.



*Government Relations Coordinator

  • Keeps abreast of legislation affecting bicycling; alerts the club to public meetings with bicycle-specific agenda items.
  • Provides a report to the Board on bicycle-related legislation as needed.
  • Submits advocacy articles to WheelPeople.

*Publicity Coordinator

  • Sends information on our major events (centuries, weekend trips) to bicycling-related publications and web sites.

*Social Committee

  • Organizes social activities outside of the rides program, typically:
  • Slide shows, dinners, workshops, etc., during the winter season.
  • Holiday party
  • After-ride events during the main ride season.

Bike Shop coordinator

  • Contacts local bike shops
  • Gives CRW information to shops for pass on to riders
  • Edits CRW bike shop information with shops that give CRW members shop discounts
  • Solisitits Bike Technology articles from shops for inclusion in Wheelpeople

*Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits and coordinates CRW volunteers.
  • Finds new volunteers for club activities.
  • With Social Committee, organizes nonride events.

Board of Directors

  • Set club policies.
  • Attend bimonthly board meetings and vote on issues presented at meetings.
  • Optionally take on additional duties, such as chairing special committees.


  • Coordinates overall club activities.
  • Spokesperson for the Club.
  • Handles public relations.

Executive Vice-President

  • Aids the president.
  • Fills in when the president is unavailable.

Vice-President of Finance

  • Directs the annual budgeting process.
  • Prepares and files the club tax returns.
  • Prepares and files the club annual corporate renewal.
  • Chairs the Budget and Finance Committee.

Vice-President of Legal Affairs

  • Prepares legal documents.
  • Advises on insurance matters and other business issues.


  • Handles all financial transactions for the club.
  • Pays for costs associated with club events (centuries, etc.).


  • Takes minutes at the monthly board meeting and prepares them for publication inWheelPeople.
  • Optionally, may perform other administrative or board-related tasks on an ad hoc basis (working on member survey, writing reports, revising CRW bylaws).

Insurance Coordinator

  • Handles all contact between the club and our insurer.
  • Sees that the annual insurance premium is paid.
  • Determines the amount due and pays the insurance company for special events (centuries, weekend trips).

Membership Coordinator

  • Processes new and renewal membership applications received by postal mail
  • Periodically deposits membership checks.
  • Produces a biweekly report of membership transactions for that period.

Membership Marketing

  • Create campaigns to increase membership
  • Inputs non-member names and email addresses from waivers and sends out email requests to join CRW.
  • Send an email to non-members collected during centuries.

Merchandise Coordinator

  • Orders club merchandise.
  • Sells the articles at club events and by mail.

Mileage Coordinator

  • Coordinates online mileage recording and transmits this information monthly to theWheelPeople Copy Editor.


WheelPeople Staff

Copy Editor

  • Proofreads and edits material submitted for the club newsletter.
  • Scans printed material.
  • Transmits the copy to the Production Editor.

Production Editor

  • Lays out copy submitted by the Copy Editor.
  • Delivers the electronic copy of the newsletter for the web site.


Internet Staff


  • Has overall responsibility for the Web site.
  • Ensures that information posted on the Web site is current and correct, with emphasis on current rides and trips listings.
  • Ensures site is In line with Board directives
  • Expand or enhance the Web site as needed

*Web Site Staff

  • Volunteer with knowledge of Drupal and CiviCRM to assist the Webmaster with database queries, site maintenance, and development
  • Assist the Webmaster in areas of web site maintenance: picture gallery, tours, etc 


Who Can I talk to?


Lead, co-lead, arrow, host an after ride party
ContactVP of Rides


Volunteer for the Spring or Fall Century or Climb to the Clouds: registration, water stops, food, cleanup, sag, etc
ContactCentury Committee


Help organize various CRW social events, slide shows, dinners, banquet, holiday party, etc
ContactSocial Coordinator


Volunteer to help with membership, web site, WheelPeople, etc
ContactVolunteer Coordinator