Wheelmen are riders for all seasons

Such was the title of the full page article accompanying these pictures that appeared in the Boston Globe January 1, 1988 (must have been a slow news day). The ride started at the Stoneham zoo, and wound its way to a coffee shop in Winchester, during an increasingly snowy day. Click here for the complete text of the article as it appeared in the Globe.

The magnificent seven start out from the Stoneham Zoo. Left to right, Joan McNeil, Walter McNeil, Scott Croan, ??, Jack Donohue, Robin Schulman, and ??.

Joan McNeil waiting for the ride to start, Globe caption: "Most bikers agree on the wardrobe for a wet winter: long pants, gloves with liners, glasses with vent holes, tights, a wool hat under the helmet and a turtleneck and sweatshirt under the rain gear."

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