CRW club name change

Voting on a CRW club name change

All active CRW members recently received an email asking you to vote on a name change for our club from Charles River Wheelmen to Charles River Wheelers. A club name change has been discussed and debated for years among the membership and the club board.

At its January meeting, a unanimous Board of Directors agreed that the time had come to put this change to a membership vote.

The name Charles River Wheelers was chosen for three primary reasons:

-It is more gender neutral and accepting of all current and prospective members

-It maintains our brand and historic identity as CRW and, which is how most of the cycling world knows us, and

-It has an historic basis as it refers to the late 19th century history of Boston cyclists who rode "high wheelers".

The January vote finished with 83% of the votes in favor of the name change, well over the 2/3 majority our constitution requires to approve a change. However, subsequent to sending out the January question, a flaw was found in the electronic voting system allowing members to vote more than once.

The Board respects the requirement of integrity in our voting. Regardless of the likelihood that the earlier vote would have met the constitutional threshold, we believe that a new vote should be taken using a secure system.

The new voting system is now active. Please go to the following link to cast your ballot.